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Alexander Arms prides itself on being the originator of the large caliber AR-15 platform concept.

Designed to generate devastating stopping power at short to moderate ranges, the .50 Beowulf cartridge combines the reliability of the AR-15/M16 weapon with a unique .500 inch projectile and cartridge. The .50 Beowulf is ideal as a brush hunting weapon, capable of knocking down virtually anything you come across. Beowulf rifles are excellent for wild pig hunting, rifles without equal and is in use not only by hunters but by game control agencies as well. The heavy round punches through close cover easily, taking down deer with solid hits, guaranteeing one-shot kills with little to no tracking.

The semi-automatic, light carbine with the performance of the venerable .45-70 round, the .50 Beowulf has found wide acceptance with military and law enforcement agencies. The external ballistics of the .50 Beowulf round are well-suited to urban environments where the shorter-range template creates a more flexible application and large projectile energy delivered by the ammunition can disable motor vehicles and assailants with body armor. The heavy round punches through windscreen glass and automotive body panels without being effected by the barriers.

This combination of devestating stopping power and reliability in a lightweight, familiar form factor casues the .50 Beowulf by Alexander Arms to stand without equal.
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