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AK 47 Online Purchases: For Convenience!

Since its first production in the near end of the World War II by 1945, the AK 47 rifle stands to be the popular arms choice in the military section. The particular arms, after facing trials by the military forces, was officially put to use in the year 1948. By 1949, the AK 47 was well established in the Soviet army and later was taken up by the countries that were a part of the Warsaw Pact.

The assault rifle, AK 47, still stands as the favoured choice in the army and the military due to its capacity and the reliability of the rifle to face the harsh conditions during the firing. This selective fire assault rifle is gas operated and has been in use since 1949 till present day. USSR discontinued the use of the assault rifle by the year 1970s.

AK 47 Online Purchases For Convenience!

Specifications and characteristics of AK 47 for sale

The AK 47 was engineered in such a way that the assault rifle was simple in design but highly reliable in terms of action. The military needed a quick production of these rifles and these were mass produced during the early days in the Soviet Union. The long stroke gas system of the AK 47 owes its reliability to the large gas piston, the clearance that is given between the movable parts and the tapered cartridge. This particular design helps to endure a large amount of foreign matter and also avoids fouling that can disrupt the cycle.

Other specifications of that the AK 47 gun store offers are,

· Weight- Without magazine the weight is approximately 4 kg and the weight of the magazine depends upon its make.

· Cartridge specification- The dimensions are 7.62x39mm.

· Velocity- The muzzle velocity is about 715 m/s.

· Range of firing- The firing range is categorised as cyclic rate of fire, practical rate of fire, full auto and semi auto.

Advantages of these AK 47 assault rifles

The effectiveness of the AK 47 for sale can be discussed in two categories.

· Accuracy of the assault rifle:

It is been said that, the accuracy of firing the assault rifle were good enough to hit the target in the torso at a range of approximately 330 yards. In case of highly trained men, it was seen that they were able to hit the target at the range of 875 yards within a minimum of 5 shots or a maximum of 10 shots.

· Service life of the rifle:

The springs and the other small parts in the AK 47 need to be changed every 1000 rounds. The service life is approximately 10,000 to 15,000 rounds on the whole.

AK 47 online purchase

The dealers who provide these AK 47 for sale need to be licensed dealers and must take care of their customer’s identity. The assault rifles are purchased after obtaining the due permission from the government.

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