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Benelli 828U: A Complete Review Before Purchase

Benelli 828U: A Complete Review Before Purchase

Every gun manufacturer should take a page or 2 from Benelli’s playbook. Why? Because before Benelli steps into territory they’ve never been, or don’t necessarily specialize in, the company makes sure to have a few solid innovations they are confident they can come through with and deliver.

We saw it with Benelli’s Ethos Semi-Automatic Shotgun and we see it again with the gun manufacturer’s 828U over/under shotgun.

There is definitely a lot to know about Benelli’s 828U. Like, what makes it different from conventional over/under shotguns? Well, we’re going to tell you. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Benelli’s latest innovation. Then, check out DEGuns’ selection of Benelli 828U over/under shotguns and get shopping today!

The Run-Down on the 828U

First things first, you should know Benelli offers 2 variations of the 828U: 1 with a black anodized receiver and another with an engraved nickel-plated receiver. Both options are 12-gauge.

Benelli says their 828U is the first over/under shotgun worthy of the “Benelli badge,” which means the company undoubtedly made their version of the over/under shotgun their own. There is no part of conventional over/under shotguns that was left untouched or at least unthought-of.

Here are a few of the most renowned features of Benelli’s 828U over/under shotgun:

  • Patented steel locking system and plate
  • Adjustable drop and cast
  • Benelli’s Progressive Comfort Recoil Reduction System
  • Automatic safety

Benelli’s Patented Steel Locking System and Plate

One of the biggest differences between Benelli’s 828U and conventional over/under shotguns is 828Us have steel wherever it’s necessary and aluminum where it’s not.

In the 828U, there is a free loading locking plate that seals the pressure released after each shot in the monobloc. The plate seals into 4 different places of the gun’s barrel and captures the pressure of each shot. This feature makes it possible for 828U shotguns to be made from aluminum instead of steel, because the plate captures the pressure and consequently the corresponding wear and tear from shooting again and again.

Adjustable Drop and Cast

The adjustable drop and cast on Benelli’s 828U has never been seen before on an over/under shotgun. This feature makes it possible for shooters to adjust the stock in 40 different positions and find their natural alignments with the barrel of the gun and the target.

Benelli’s Progressive Comfort Recoil Reduction System

In the butt pad of the 828U, there is Benelli’s Progressive Comfort Recoil Reduction System, which consists of interlocking flexible buffers that absorb the recoil of the gun when it’s shot. The buffers adjust based on the strength of the shot shell used.

Automatic Safety

One feature of the 828U not every shooter is a fan of is the automatic safety.

On conventional o/u shotguns, the guns are re-cocked by breaking open the barrels. With the 828U, the cocking lever re-cocks the gun.

Every time the barrel is broke open on the 828U, the automatic safety is turned on.

Shop Benelli 828Us on DEGuns’ Website Today!

DEGuns’ offers both variations of Benelli’s 828U over/under shotgun. Check out our selection today by visiting our website. Call DEGuns at 402-875-6500 or fill out our online contact form if you have questions.

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