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Daniel Defense M4 Carbine: Expert Review By DEGuns.netDaniel Defense M4 Carbine: Expert Review By DEGuns.net

Daniel Defense (DD) has established a reputation among “black rifle” companies as a “tier one” organization thanks to its consistent quality output. One of the reasons Daniel Defense stands out is the company’s uncompromising commitment to quality; they manufacture almost all of their upper and lower receiver and fire control parts and small part components in house. DD remains among the few companies in the US that puts out hammer-forged barrels. Because of this DEGuns, a leading online supplier of firearms of all kinds, has chosen to review the DD M4 Carbine- a firearm that embodies DD’s philosophy of “lighter, stronger, better.”

Details and Specs on the Daniel Defense M4 Carbine

The DDM4 features a combination have a mid-length gas system with a lightweight-profile, 15” handguard rail machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum. The DDM4 Rail serves as a traditional quad rail with an ingenious design to cut down on bulk. You get plenty of room to mount accessories as well as an extended sight radius that uses iron sights.

Notes on Handling and Performance for the DD M4 Carbine

The DDM4 is a standard length carbine that is comfortable to operate and exceedingly well balanced. When we took this thing to the range, we enjoyed accuracy to the tune of hitting golf-ball sized targets at distances approximating 30 yards, though this was an informal test. However, in a formal test of 100 yards, we were still impressed with the power, accuracy and precision made possible with the DDM4. We enjoyed swapping out scopes and accessories, and it quickly became clear that anyone could customize this firearm to suit their preferences. This can likely be attributed to the attention to detail and quality that goes into the special Daniel Defense manufacturing process we mentioned. It has a mid-length gas system that smooths out the recoil, and makes faster follow-up shots possible.

DD M4 Carbine Products Available from DEGuns

DEGuns offers a Daniel Defense M4 Carbine built around the cold-hammer forged barrel for which this company is famous. The V7 features a DD flash suppressor to cut down on flash signature. The gas system is designed to offer consistent, reliable and smooth cycling which limits recoil to the operator and also reduces shock stress and vibration to the parts of the gun.

How to Learn More About the Daniel Defense M4 Carbine and Purchase One

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