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Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Handgun

Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a HandgunBefore you buy a handgun, the first thing you must determine is why you want to purchase this type of firearm. For instance, do you want to own a handgun so you can practice shooting at the range? Or are you more interested in owning a firearm for personal defense reasons? Maybe you know all there is to know about handguns and you’re just looking to upgrade to a tougher-to-shoot handgun.

Whatever your reasons are for buying a handgun, there are definitely a few things to know before going through with the purchase. For example, you should know all there is to know about the gun-buying process, especially if you’re looking to buy a handgun online. It is also important to be aware of federal, state, and local gun laws. Moreover, before you buy a handgun, you should know how to safely operate the gun you are buying.

How to Buy a Handgun Online

The ordering process for buying firearms online is pretty simple, but this doesn’t mean that with the click of a button you will receive a ready-to-shoot handgun on your doorstep.

Buying a handgun online can be as simple as selecting the firearm you want, adding it to your online shopping cart, and completing the checkout process. Any gun you buy online is required by the law to be sent to a dealer that holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Online gun sellers, such as DeGuns, normally include a list of dealers in every area that hold an FFL license. If DeGuns does not have a FFL license on file for the dealer you want your order sent to, then no need to worry—we make the process of uploading the necessary documentation easy. Just tell the dealer to upload an image of their FFL license to DeGuns’ homepage.

After completing your order online, your gun will arrive at your FFL dealer’s location. The responsibility of making sure the gun you purchase is legal in your state is yours. When you pick up your order, you must have the proper identification and licenses required in your state. Also, you will undergo a background check.

Federal and State Gun Laws for Handguns

As you can see, the ordering process for purchasing handguns online isn’t difficult; however, there are numerous requirements that people in the United States must meet before being allowed to legally put their hands on handguns. For example, to buy a handgun in the United States of America, a buyer must be 21 years older. Also, he or she must be an American citizen or permanent resident.

To save time and hassle, you need to check out all of the federal, state, and local laws that would apply to you if you were to pursue buying a handgun. In addition to federal gun laws, which apply to every person in the U.S., individual states have their own laws pertaining to firearm ownership and usage. For example, in California, people need a state permit to purchase a handgun. In California, handguns must also be registered—which is not required in every state.

Know What You Need to Know Before You Buy

When it comes to buying handguns, the bottom line is this: know everything you can about the gun you are purchasing—how to use it, where it’s legal to use, how it’s legal to use, etc. Information regarding federal, state, and local gun laws can be found on websites such as this one: NRA-ILA.

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