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Finding The Perfect Flashlight Attachment for Your Rifle
Many gun owners consider flashlights an essential piece of equipment for their rifles. If you own hunting rifles, you may be out in the woods at night under a thick tree canopy. A reliable flashlight means the difference between finding your way onto the trail or becoming even more lost. In a home invasion or self-defense emergency, you must gain control over the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. For this purpose, a flashlight can show you how many intruders there are, what they’re armed with, and who else is in the room. It lets your assailant know you have spotted them, and if you’re lucky, a bright light mounted on your gun may be enough to scare them off. A light in the intruder’s eyes can be startling and disorienting, and that’s where you want them. Unless you have a considerable degree of training, it is not likely that you will have the presence of mind or available hands to grab both a flashlight and a gun during an emergency. That’s why it’s smart to have a flashlight mounted on your rifle. You’ll always know exactly where to find it when you need it.

DEGuns is a premiere supplier of all things firearms including reliable, sturdy flashlights that will serve you when the pressure is on. As with any piece of gear, choosing the right equipment begins with knowing your purpose. We offer an extensive selection of flashlights, mounts and other lighting accessories that are appropriate to many different situations.

Flashlights Available from DEGuns

The Sona Enterprises 1 Watt Momentary Switch Flashlight 120-150 Lumens is designed so that it pairs well with any rifle mount. This is a durable light with a black aluminum body and a switch on the back. Beyond its compatibility with guns, this makes an excellent tool to have around the house, the office, camping grounds, and in your vehicle.

The Sona Enterprises 5 Watt Flashlight 140-170 Lumens is just as adaptable, featuring an extremely durable metal casing and a reliable Cree Q5 bulb. This flashlight is ready for pairing with your favorite rifle.

The NCStar Pro Series Flashlight 2 50 Lumen - Rail Mount mounts onto rifles with ease by means of a clip that fits Picatinny and Weaver rails. With a custom two-way pocket clip, it also attaches to clothing well. Choose between high and low intensity depending on what you are using your flashlight for. The one-inch diameter body of this light makes it compatible with most flashlight mounts. Powered by lithium batteries, which are included.

The NCStar 200 Lumen Flashlight and Red Laser - QR Mount light offers two valuable tools in one convenient package. This laser and flashlight combo features standard Picatinny rail interfacing. The laser and the flashlight can be used separately or together.

The NCStar 150 Lumen Tactical Flashlight and Green Laser Combo with QR is a similar tool to the one above. It lets shooters swap between a flashlight and a green laser bezel depending on the situation. This light and laser will mount onto Picatinny and Weaver rails.

The Surefire M720V RAID WeaponLight White houses LEDs which don’t have a filament to burn out or break, which makes them far more durable than comparable counterparts. LEDs also have an incredibly long lifespan, meaning you won’t have to replace this one for a while. This light is built to seal out dust, dirt, and moisture making it perfect for hunting and camping trips. Made with aerospace aluminum, this flashlight is ready for action. This light fits onto rifles, carbines and sub-machine guns.

Flashlight Mounts and Holders from DEGuns

These mounts plus a reliable flashlight make a powerful and useful combination.

XD Gear Flashlight Holder

AimShot Laser Sight and Flashlight Tri-Rail Barrel Mount

CAA 3/4" Flashlight Rail Mount - Black

When you are trying to figure out which flashlight is best for your rifle, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Location of the switch

It is standard for quality tactical flashlights to feature ‘on’ switches on the butt of the flashlight. This allows for easy one-handed activation of the light. This is ideal for the typical location of a tactical light on a gun. All you have to do is cup your hand over the top, press the switch with your thumb, and you are ready to rock and roll.

2. Pressure-operated switch

A pressure-operated is far less likely to be turned off by an accidental bump or jostle than a twist or flick-activated model. It’s not too complicated- the button depresses inward, and requires enough pressure to activate that a passing branch or some other obstacle can’t snag it.

3. Size and shape

Good flashlights can be lightweight, but the fact is if they are mounted on your rifle, it will have an impact on how you carry your firearm. You have to master this added weight, and adjust your handling accordingly. This means time at the range with the light you plan to use mounted so that you are comfortable with it before you are using the gun out in the field. Being comfortable with the size and shape of your flashlight is crucial to your safety.

4. How Bright Should it Be?

You have to think very carefully about the purpose of this light to answer this. Home defense lights should be a little brighter than hunting lights, speaking in broad terms. You don’t need too much to read a trail map, but you do need a lot of light to illuminate a whole room of your house.

How to Find the Right Flashlight Your Rifle

If you have any questions about the products you just read about, or any of the other goods available from DEGuns, feel free to contact us by calling 402-875-6500 or visiting our web site. We love to talk firearms, flashlights, ammunition, accessories, and about gear in general. Whether you are an experienced gun buyer who knows exactly what you’re looking for, or a first-timer who could use a hand figuring out what you need, we want to hear from you.

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Our Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $119.99
Savings: $40.00