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How to Find AK-47 Rifles For Sale OnlineHow to Find AK-47 Rifles For Sale Online

The AK-47 is a famous for performing like a champ in harsh conditions. That’s why it has been used in military situations all over the globe, from dense and humid jungles to snowy, urban landscapes. Beyond that, the firearm is famous. It has a certain historical and cultural dimension that makes it popular to enthusiasts, hobbyists and collectors. It makes a great plinking firearm as well. It is well made, and simple enough to manufacture. However, when you are shopping for AK-47s online, there are advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is you have access to a bigger range of options than those available from any online store. One disadvantage is that exposes you to the risk of less than stellar dealers and pieces that are of questionable quality.

However, if you want to guarantee that you enjoy the best possible online AK-47 shopping experience, DEGuns, the leading supplier of firearms, ammunition, parts, accessories, scopes, mounts and outdoor adventure gear in general is here to help you out. Let’s take a look at the process of buying an AK-47 online including some of the financial, legal and logistical concerns that go into that.

Just punch “AK-47” into the search bar at DEGuns, and you will find a world of options. Let’s take a look at some.

Affordable New AK-47 Options Available for Purchase Online

Try the Century Arms Zastava AK-47 M70 for a top quality rifle that features a hammer forged barrel and an accessory rail designed for easy mounting of any attachments you need. This firearm is produced in a premier factory that made great rifles such as the M70B1 and the M70B2. This comes with a 30-round magazine. Note that this is not available for sale in NY, NJ, MA, CA, CT, HI or where prohibited by law.

Classic AK Options Available for Purchase Online at Great Prices

This classic AK is built on Polish blueprints. History lovers will appreciate the fact that the design originates from the Cadillac of the Warsaw pact small arms manufacturers. The gun accepts magazines ranging from 30-75 rounds. It is made out of beautiful laminated wood, with a precision-machined mount rail to the left of the receiver. It weighs an extremely manageable 8 pounds when unloaded.

How to Learn More About Getting AK-47s Online at Great Prices from DEGuns

If you’re curious about how you can get get your hands on a high quality AK-47, DEGuns would be happy to help. Our in-store experts are always happy to talk shop if you’re curious about the applications of the AK-47, its manufacturing process, why it has become the firearm staple it is, or how you can get your hands on one. Not only that, we’d be happy to help you learn about our upcoming details, how to care for your firearm, which accessories tend to suit it best, and what you need to know before purchasing one. Call DEGuns at 402-875-6500 or contact us online using our form.

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Century Arms Zastava AK-47 M70 N PAP 7.62x39mm  RI2087-N Century Arms Zastava AK-47 M70 N PAP 7.62x39mm

This AK 47 was made in the same factory that produced top quality rifles for former Yugoslavia like the M70B1 and M70AB2 Our newly manufactured N-PAP rifles are the civilian version of the M70 series. These beauties are the latest imports from the world famous Zastava factory. Features an accessory rail built into the receiver for easy mounting of your favorite accessories and a hammer forged barrel. Comes with one 30 round magazine. Barrel: 16.25" with a 1:10 twist, Overall: 36.25", Weight: 7.7 lbs. Not available for sale in NY, NJ, MA, CA, CT, HI or where prohibited by law.

*Photo is stock photo, not photo of actual firearm.

SKU: RI2087-N
UPC: 787450220782

Our Price: $629.99
Sale Price: $589.99
Savings: $40.00
IO Inc AKM247C Classic AK Pattern 7.62x39mm Semi-Auto Rifle IO Inc AKM247C Classic AK Pattern 7.62x39mm Semi-Auto Rifle

Built on original Polish blueprints, the IO AKM247C AK-47 rifle is based on the Cadillac of the Warsaw Pact small arms manufacturers. These guns are made on new machinery.

The M247-C (C for Classic) features a bolt hold open, buffer, nitrated barrel and accepts standard AK and RPK magazines from 30-75 rounds. Built with laminated wood furniture and a precision machined scope mount rail on the left side of the receiver.


  • SKU: IODM2008
  • UPC: 856867005081
  • Mil-Spec Receiver
  • 1:10" RH Twist
  • Wood Laminate stock and fore end
  • Tactical Pistol Grip
  • Tactical Sling Swivel
  • CNC Machined scope mount rail
  • Adjustable front and rear sights.
  • Overall length of 36"
  • 16.5" barrel length
  • Weight: 8 pounds unloaded
  • Military maganese phosphate finish
  • Bayonet lug
  • Ships with 1-30 Round Steel Magazine

Our Price: $739.95
Sale Price: $589.99
Savings: $149.96