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Product Highlight: Ruger Mini 30

Since 1987, the Ruger Mini 30 has been the American ranch rifle of choice. Based upon the design of the Mini 14, the Ruger Mini Thirty incorporates the larger Russian 7.62 X 39mm cartridge, giving it more stopping power than the .223 and 5.56 cartidges used in the Mini 14.

As many states prohibit the use of calibers smaller than the .243 Winchester for deer hunting, the Ruger 308 rifle is an excellent choice as it offers the mobility and the semi-automatic capability of the Mini 14, but with the added punch to satiate these laws in states where they are applicable.

With ballistics similar to the .30-30 Winchester, the Ruger 308 is a comfortable transition for many hunters who are used to calibers like the .30-30. While state hunting laws do require a limited number of cartridges be used in a magazine, the Ruger Mini 30 has the capability of being fed by magazines of varying capacity. So, for the sport shooter spending some time at the range, a larger magazine can be used, making it more about shooting and less about constant reloading.

Features of the Ruger 308 rifle include:
Matte stainless steel finish and integral receiver
Primed for scope mounting
Black synthetic stock
Front blade iron sights
18.5" barrel
37.5" overall length
7.75 lbs. total weight
Black, non-slip rubber butt pad
1: 1" scope rings
20 round detachable box magazine
1-10" RH, integral sling swivels
7.62x39mm caliber
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