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The Top 7 Used Handguns and Rifles for Sale

 The Top 7 Used Handguns and Rifles for SaleAt DEGuns, we sell a wide array of the best, top-quality handguns and rifles on the market today. With our excellent product assortment also comes highly competitive prices as well. Gun enthusiasts everywhere know they can trust DEGuns for finding the best deals possible. If you’re looking for an even greater deal than our everyday low prices and deals of the day, our used handguns and rifles are the ideal choice. On our website, you can find so many well-made, pre-owned firearms for sale, and you can even find rare, collector ones as well. Our gently-used guns are sure to please those customers who are looking for a high quality firearm at a budget friendly price.

As a licensed used firearm dealer, we verify the authenticity of all our used guns for sale. We do checks on prior ownership and look into the condition of each weapon. We work hard to ensure that DE Guns is a safe, secure provider of used handguns and rifles.

The Top 7 Pre-Owned Handguns and Rifles for Sale at DEGuns.net:

High-Quality Handguns:

1.Custom Glock 19 9mm G19 GEN 3 by "The Glock Store"

The Custom Glock 19 GEN 3 from the Glock Store is a 2016 Shot Show firearm. The workmanship and smooth functioning on this custom Glock are among the very best quality on the market. This handgun comes with many top-notch features, including:

· Custom textured/stimpled grips & frame

· An ultimate billet trigger

· A titanium fulcrum

· A titanium safety plunger

· A titanium striker

· A titanium match barrel

· A titanium solid guide rod

· A serrated slide

· Extended slide release

· Extended Takedown Bar

· Titanium pins

· Night sights

If all the titanium design features didn’t tempt you enough, this product also comes with the original owner's manual, 2 magazines, and a spec sheet from the Glock Store.

2. Used Colt CCU Combat Unit .45ACP 1911

This gently-used Colt CCU Combat Unit 1911 .45 ACP was originally crafted with the help of world renowned Special Forces Trainers: Ken Hackathorn and Daryl Holland. This remarkable handgun comes equipped with:

· An upgraded Duty Ready pistol

· Novak tritium front night sight for quick sight acquisition at all times

· A plain black wide notch rear for fast sight acquisition by day

· A dual spring recoil system to reduce recoil users feel while extending recoil spring life

· 1:16 LH 6 Groove

· 25 LPI front strap checkering

When you order this firearm from us, you will also receive 2-8 round magazines, the Colt gun’s original hard case, an owner’s manual and a gunlock.

3.Used Sig Sauer P225-A1 9mm DA/SA 3.6"

8+1 Classic Carry Pistol

The used Sig Sauer P225 is a reliable, classic carry pistol that you can trust. It features:

· A nitron stainless steel slide finish

· A black HC alloy frame

· A short reset trigger

· Single stack capabilities

· SIGLITE night sights for improved accuracy at night

· DA/SA action

· Black checkered G-10 grips

A licensed gun owner who purchases this preowned handgun will also receive 2-8 round magazines, a user’s manual, gun lock, and hard case for storage.

4.Used HK P2000 V3 DA/SA 9mm Handgun with 2-13 Round Magazines

The HK P2000 utilizes a unique trigger system with a pre-cocked hammer system that is sure to intrigue you. The hammer system combines the benefits of a cocked striker component with a double action hammer system at the same time; this allows for the P2000 trigger pull to be reduced by 7.3 to 8.5 pounds of pressure. This innovative handgun features:

· DA/SA action

· A 13+1 capacity

· Patented lock-out safety

· 3-dot sights

Accurate, Reliable Rifles from DE Guns

5.Used Springfield Armory M1A Socom 16 CQB .308 Win 16" Semi-Auto Rifle with Vortex Venom Red Dot

The modernized SOCOM 16 CQB builds upon the legacy of the famous M14 and M1A rifles. You can trust this firearm when you need it most, as it performs optimally in grave defensive situations. By being almost 10 inches shorter than a standard M1A, the CQB performs with remarkable speed, while being extremely easy to handle. It works well both inside and outdoors. Once you own this firearm, you certainly won’t feel the need to look for something with increased power.

This product comes equipped with:

· An adjustable buttstock, with 5-position length & 2-position adjustable cheek

· The M-Lok rail mounting system to accommodate any type of accessory that you require

· An XS front post sight with tritium insert for great aperture rear sight

· A Vortex Venom Red Dot sight for enabling fast target acquisition

· Authoritative .308 chambering

· A Ghost Ring Aperture .135" rear sight

· MOA rear sight adjustment for both windage and elevation

In addition to this, the used SOCOM 16 CQB ships to your nearest FFL with a custom ballistic nylon tactical case, user’s manual, and 3-20 round magazines.

6.Used Custom Built AR-15 in 5.45X39 Russian with Timney Competition Trigger

Used Custom Built AR-15 in 5.45X39 Russian is another unique firearm worth checking out today. The rifle features:

· A DPMS A-15 lower

· A Timney modular competition AR-15 trigger

· An installed ACCU-wedge

· A Magpul UBR buttstock

· A match quality upper and government profiled barrel

· A Magpul Moe M-Lok handguard

· A badger tactical extended latch.

7.Used Un-Fired Cobalt Kinetics Eclipse Stage II with C.A.R.S. AR-15 .223 Wylde 16" Rifle

The Used Un-Fired Cobalt Kinetics Eclipse Stage II with C.A.R.S., Pro Buffer, and Pro Muzzle Brake upgrades from factory is among the finest firearms on the market today. This premium AR-15 .223 wylde 16" barreled rifle is essentially new in many respects as is has never been fired. With limitations in handling skills minimized and enhanced speed and performance for shooters, the CARS rifle is an optimal firearm for any gun enthusiast.

Even if you are a top marksman, this weapon is sure to help you reach a greater level of performance as it takes care of the more mundane tasks automatically, so you can better focus on your intended target. This top-grade rifle features:

· Hogue OMFG grip

· Dual drop bolt release

· Fully ambidextrous controls

· Short-throw safety selector

· Extended magazine release

· Single stage adjustable DMR trigger

· 6 position collapsible stock

· M-Lok Handguard

· 16-inch 4150 CMV steel barrel

· 1:8 twist

· 5.56 Nato

· Fixed gas block

· A2 flash hider

With the way the CARS rifle is designed, it can autonomously drop an empty magazine and re-load the chamber once an ammunition supply is present. With this remarkable design, licensed gun owners can spend more time and energy focusing on target acquisition and engagement to shoot both more quickly and accurately.

For the Best Used Handguns and Rifles at Budget-Friendly Prices, Choose DE Guns

No matter the type of used firearm you are looking for, we can bet you that DE Guns will have it. From handguns to rifles to shotguns, you can find it all at DEGuns.net. If you ever have any questions about our used guns, don’t hesitate to call us at 402-875-6500 or take advantage of our online contact form.

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Glock 19 ODG 9mm G19 GEN 3 GLock USA Custom Glock 19 9mm G19 GEN 3 by "The Glock Store"

This is a Shot Show 2016 Custom Glock 19 GEN 3 from The Glock Store. Handgun has custom textured/stimpled grips and frame, Ultimate Billet Trigger and Titanium Fulcrum, Titanium safety Plunger, Striker, Match barrel, Titanium Solid Guide Rod, Serrated slide, Extended Slide Release, Extended Takedown Bar, Titanium Pins, Night Sights, Glock 17 magazines with X-Grip. Also Includes: owner's manual, 2 magazines and spec sheet from The Glock Store.

Round count low. Test fired with two magazines.

The quality of workmanship and smooth functioning on this handgun are some of the best out there.

Our Price: $1,200.00
Used Un-Fired Cobalt Kinetics Eclipse Stage II with C.A.R.S. AR-15 .223 Wylde 16" Rifle Used Un-Fired Cobalt Kinetics Eclipse Stage II with C.A.R.S. AR-15 .223 Wylde 16" Rifle

Used Un-Fired Cobalt Kinetics Eclipse Stage II with C.A.R.S., Pro Buffer, and Pro Muzzle Brake upgrades from factory. AR-15 .223 Wylde 16" Barreled Rifle as new in box. Comes with original hard case, three additional buffer springs, two additional cycle weights, and magazine.

Stage II Specifications

  • Hogue OMFG Grip
  • Dual Drop Bolt Release
  • Fully Ambidextrous Controls
  • Short-Throw Safety Selector
  • Extended Magazine Release
  • Single Stage Adjustable DMR Trigger
  • 6 Position Collapsible Stock


  • Mated Serialized Billet Receiver Set
  • BCG, M-16 Black Nitride
  • 15.5″ M-Lok Handguard
  • Ambidextrous Charge Handle


  • 16” 4150 CMV Steel
  • 1:8 Twist
  • 5.56 Nato
  • Fixed Gas Block
  • A2 Flash Hider

    The CARS Rifle autonomously drops an empty magazine and loads the chamber once an ammunition supply is present. When using a CARS equipped rifle, the user is only required to pull the trigger, and introduce a fresh magazine as ammunition becomes exhausted. More time and attention can be spent on target acquisition and engagement, allowing for faster and more accurate shooting. The CARS retains the standard operation of the AR-15 platform; the bolt catch and the magazine release are still present and operational.

    When using a CARS rifle, a shooter’s speed and performance are maximized while limitations or deficiencies in handling skills are minimized. The CARS takes care of the mundane operations of the rifle- allowing the shooter to focus more on dynamic movement, target acquisition, and engagement. Even the most skilled shooter- now only concerned with the trigger and the target- will achieve a new level of performance. All components in the CARS are made from S-7, D-2, A-1 and O-1 tool steels. All parts are coated in nickel-teflon or treated in LiFe surface conversion for ultimate surface hardness, lubricity, and service life. CARS is a purely mechanical system- no batteries, no sensors, and no delicate circuitry.

CARS allows the user to deactivate the magazine drop function by way of a simple switch. This option can be used in inclement conditions, where the user would not wish that his magazines land in mud or dust. The option to retain magazines also lends itself to training per the standard manual of arms for the AR-15. The CARS rifle retains all familiar controls and capabilities of the classic AR pattern. At any time, the magazine may be removed and replaced at any time to perform a tactical reload or to “top-off” the rifle. And the bolt catch is present and can be operated as convention would dictate. However, the CARS auto-reload feature always remains active. In the event of a cyclic failure in the rifle, and one must execute a malfunction drill or any other operation out of the intended order, the system accommodates these actions, and will reset once the jam is clear and the rifle reloaded.

The CARS has been tested extensively and well-proven. 30,000 rounds were fired through four system revisions, over a period of 22 months of development. The CARS is designed to utilize most quality AR-15 magazines and can be adapted to most any AR-15 configuration- pistol, carbine, rifle, and any AR-15 based caliber. Throughout its development, we conferred with several government agencies and departments to expose the CARS to real-world practical demands; thus, perfecting the system.

Our Price: $3,469.00
Sale Price: $2,999.99
Savings: $469.01