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Top 5 Most Popular Guns to Buy Online

Top 5 Most Popular Guns to Buy OnlineIn this day and age, you can find anything on the Internet. Obviously, this is wonderful. But, it can also be unfortunate… especially if you don’t know a lot about what you’re trying to buy.

For instance, when it comes to learning more about firearms before you buy, there is a ton of information out there. If you’re looking for a top-quality pistol, then 1 person might say Kimber 1911s are the only way to go, while somebody else is going to tell you to stay far away from the brand.

It’s entirely opinionated when you’re gathering information about firearms. That’s why it’s important to choose a firearm that works for you, because, ultimately, you’re the 1 who is going to be shooting the gun. But, it can’t hurt to explore 5 of the most popular guns to buy online today.

1. Kimber 1911 Pistol

Kimber’s 1911 pistol is one of the most popular pistols in existence. It is definitely not the right gun for every shooter on the planet, especially because it usually takes an experienced shooter to shoot this gun accurately; however, it’s popular for a reason.

DEGun’s offers Kimber’s 1911 pistol on our website for the unbeatable price of $1,159.99. Learn more about this firearm on deguns.net.

2. Smith & Wesson M&P9

Smith & Wesson manufactures numerous high-quality firearms and 2 of the company’s most popular pistols include the M&P9 C.O.R.E 9mm and the M&P Shield 9mm Pistol.

Both of these firearms are built with high strength polymer frames reinforced with rigid stainless steel chassis. The 2 firearms are extremely durable and comfortable, but they do differ slightly: the C.O.R.E. 9mm is full size and the M&P Shield is much smaller and meant for easy-concealment.

3. Sig Sauer P226

DEGuns’ is a proud distributor of Sig Sauer’s P226, which is a durable, reliable, and accurate full size semi-automatic pistol. Our price for this firearm is $1,179.99. The P226 has a custom finish physical vapor disposition (PVD) that enhances durability and lubricity. The gun features high-visibility day and night sights and Grayguns trigger strikes. Check out DEGuns’ selection of Sig Sauer P226s on our website today!

4. Benelli 828U

For consumers in need of a reliable shotgun, Benelli’s 828U is a popular option. This gun is $2,299.00 and features a patented steel locking system and plate, removable trigger group receiver, adjustable drop and cast, and ergonomic opening lever. Learn more about it on deguns.net.

5. AR-15s

AR-15s have been a favorite firearm for a long time. You can build your own from individual parts or purchase a completed AR-15. The AR-15s on DEGuns’ website start at prices as low as $469.99. These firearms are used for a variety of shooting purposes—everything from coyote hunting to competition shooting.

Take a look at deguns.net today to see our large assortment of AR-15s from top manufacturers like Daniel Defense, Smith & Wesson, Bushmaster, DPMS, Sig Sauer, NEMO, and more.

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