OtherCAA Fore Grip and Flashlight Holder

CAA Fore Grip and Flashlight Holder

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Product description

CAA's FGA combines the light mount and vertical grip into one unit allowing the operator to be in a fighting stance while engaging and identifying targets and helps to eliminate rail clutter. Accommodates 1" push button end cap lights. Manufactured of high-density polymer

  • Thumb activation to eliminate sympathetic response of trigger fingers
  • Side safety switch prevents inadvertent activation of the light during covert activities
  • Storage compartment with a screw cap base to hold a small cleaning kit or extra batteries
  • Rubber pressure switch covers and inserts allow for customized pressure switch sizing
  • 1.5" picatinny rail is included, attaches to either side for the addition of a laser.
  • Storage compartment includes a foam plug to eliminate rattling and noise
  • Captive thumb nut cannot be lost, provides for quick and easy installation without tools.
  • UPC: 814716012840