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PolyCase Inceptor ARX .38 Special 77 Grain 20 Round Box Defensive Ammunition

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Product description

The next generation in self-defense technology.

The ARX Bullet from PolyCase is designed to not expand. Injection molded from a special blend of a lead-free, copper-polymer matrix that is designed to be tough enough to penetrate soft targetrs an tissue, but to break up when encountering tougher barriers in order to reduce risk for collateral damage due to over-penetration. Even though this round travels at a higher velocity, it will not defeat soft body armor.

Even with the heaviest of clothing barriers the terminal performance of the ARX bullet will not be effected. The ARX penetrates straight until it encounters soft tissue, upon entering the soft tissue the specially designed grooves in the round harness the rotational energy of the bullet during the initial 6" of penetration.

The features in the nose of the ARX round also create a hydrodynamic ram which compresses the tissue ahead of the bullet, creating an envelope around the bullet.

Due to the envelope of soft-tissue, the bullet then tumbles in a controlled and predictable fasion that delivers highly consistent terminal performance that equals or exceeds traditional defensive ammunition designs. In soft tissue the ARX bullet is designed to penetrate 12" to 14" every time.

Safe for use in suppressors! This round will not disintegrate in the barrel like sintered bullets.

Caliber:.38 Special
Bullet Type:
Bullet Weight:
77 Grain
Casing Type
Muzzle Velocity:
1116 FPS
Muzzle Energy:
215 Foot-pounds
Rounds Per Box:
Boxes Per Case:

*Note. Photo is not actual round. Bullet is represntative of actual bullet type.
Product Details
Poly Tip Case
Ammo Caliber
38 Special
Bullet Type