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JTS X12PT 12 Gauge Tactical Pump Shotgun 18.5" Barrel


Product Description

The X12PT

The X12PT from JTS sports is a rugged and reliable pump-action shotgun built for recreational, sport shooting and professional applications. This model is chambered in powerful 12GA and is designed to chamber 2 3/4 shells. This model features an 18" barrel, making it incredibly effective for home defense. This model also features a unsparing five-round capacity. This model features an ergonomic forend with M-Lok attachment points for mounting tactical accessories. This model accepts Remchoke choke tubes. 

X12PT Manual:


Features and Specifications:

JTS XP12PT Tactical Pump-Action Shotgun

12 Gauge Pump Action

18.5" Barrel

4RD Mag

M-LOK Foregrip

Picatinny Rail

QD Compatible Stock

Shoots 2-3/4" Shells Only

Picatinny Rail

4+1 Chamber

Overall Length: 38.2”

UPC: 810058880086


About JTS

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Even the safest gun can potentially be dangerous to you and others when it is not properly handled. Before using this firearm, completely read and understand this owner’s manual. Always treat an unloaded firearm as if it were loaded.

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Additional Instructions


1. Load up to five, 2-3/4 inch shells, by pushing them (crimped end towards the muzzle) into the magazine loading port. Be sure each shell passes beyond the shell stop.

2. Press the action bar lock and pump the action all the way back then all the way forward.


1. Press the action bar lock. Open the action slowly until the front of the shell is visible in the ejection port. Lift the front of the shell outward and remove the shell from the ejection port.

2. Continue to pull the forearm back until the next shell is released from the magazine.

3. Tip the gun sideways so that the shell drops from the ejection port.

4. Press the action bar lock and work the action in this manner until all shells have been removed.

5. Check action and magazine to make sure no shell remains.


With finger off of trigger, pump the action backwards and then forward until all shells are ejected. Visually verify that chamber is empty.


1. The following instructions should be observed during disassembly and assembly.

2. Always visually and physically check firearm to make sure it is unloaded and is in “safe” condition.

3. Never keep live ammunition in the same room as firearm when handling or working on it.

4. The firearm should be disassembled on a table or bench. 5. The parts should be laid out in order of disassembly.

6. Force should not be used to remove or disassemble parts, as it may result in damage to the parts.

7. Only parts and accessories in good condition and designed for this model firearm should be used.

8. Only use proper tools designed for firearms when cleaning. Always use screw drivers that are designed for firearms and fit screw slots properly to avoid damaging screw heads and slots.


Step 1 - Cleaning

1. Use a quality bore cleaner designed for 12ga shotguns. Using the manufacturers’ direction, clean barrel from the chamber end. Remove brush or cleaning jag and patch before pulling back through the barrel. Any attempt to clean from the muzzle end or pulling cleaning brushes and jags back through the barrel may damage it.

2. Wipe down additional parts with bore cleaner or CLP until loose carbon and dirt is removed. A nylon brush may be used to assist in removing stubborn fouling.

3. Wipe parts clean with soft dry cloth and apply lubrication.

Step 2 - Lubrication

4. Using a quality gun oil or lubricant, lubricate top of chamber, bolt, slide block assembly, and action bar assembly.

5. Lubricate slide rails and disconnecter rail with gun oil.

6. Firearm should be lubricated before shooting and periodically during long shooting sessions.


DO NOT RETURN THIS FIREARM TO YOUR DEALER. If you have any questions or concerns about JTS Group, Inc. products, please contact us at 832-559-3119, 281-647-9130 or customerservice@ and one of our service techs will be glad to assist you.

DO NOT ATTEMPT F TO DISASSEMBLE IT! Your firearm requires special tools and fixtures to repair it. Any disassembly or modification not performed J by JTS will void the warranty.

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Barrel Length
12 Gauge