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Blade Tech Nano IWB Holster Kel-Tec P-11 Black Right Hand


Product description

The Nano IWB holster is one of our most popular concealment holsters. It is ultra-thin, being constructed of the same tough materials Blade Tech uses on all the Classic handmade, custom and semi custom holsters. It is made from our thinner .080 material, resulting in a narrower more comfortable and concealable holster with a very minimal print signature.

The "Pull the Dot" snap IWB belt loops are adjustable for FBI Cant and Straight drop carry and can be adjusted for belts from 1¼" to 1¾".

On the Nano Blade Tech has eliminated the second tension screw reducing the Nano's side profile while still keeping our tension adjustment feature. The Nano will not collapse making reholstering sure and easy. It features a full length sweat guard to prevent pistol to body contact while still providing a full combat grip. The Nano is another great choice for concealed carry over long periods of time. Buy one today and CARRY CONFIDENT!


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