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Blade Tech Klipt IWB Appendix Holster S&W 642 1 7/8" Right hand


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The Blade Tech Klipt Appendix Inside the Waste band holster is the original thermo-formed version and predecessor of the injection molded Klipt Revolution IWB holster. It is the perfect way to conceal and securely carry any small or medium frame auto or J-frame revolver. Its ultra-thin signature makes it very comfortable and extremely low profile. It can be carried undetectable without printing even when wearing minimal attire. Your firearm locks securely into the holster with the signature Blade-Tech click. The Blade-Tech Belt Clip is very secure while still allowing for quick removal from the belt when necessary. It fits all belts up to 1 3/4".

This holster was originally developed in conjunction with Covert Special Operators working in theater, designed to be carried as a front strong side appendix holster for extremely quick access in Close Quarter Battle environments. Because of its simple design it can also be carried on the weak side in IWB cross draw fashion or as a straight drop IWB holster on the strong side hip. Wearing this holster in the appendix mode is where it really shines since it requires a minimal amount of movement during the firearm presentation allowing for a lightning fast non telegraphing draw stroke getting your firearm into the fight when precious seconds count. As a driving anti carjacking holster it is second to none. Whether you are a civilian or a Law Enforcement officer the IWB Appendix holster makes a great choice for use as a back up holster when carrying a larger firearm as your primary weapon.


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