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AIM Sports Single Point Bungee Sling Nylon - AOPS01B

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Product Details

Since 2007 Aim Sports Inc. has been a leader in bringing innovative, quality, affordable products to all varieties of American Shooters. Never afraid to introduce unique items to even the narrowest segments of the shooting sports world, they continue to walk the cutting edge, where they are sensitive to the trends and new directions of the rapidly evolving shooting sports industry.

Always have control of your rifle with the Aim Sports on point bungee sling. The AIM Sports One Point Bungee Rifle Sling is designed to be a fully adjustable, single point sling to secure your AR-15 or similar style rifle with a flexible, high-density elastic bungee style sling. The one point sling attaches to the AR-15 at the rear of the receiver using special receiver end plates with either a slot or hole for mounting. The slot will fit a sling strap directly without any connectors, and the hole design is for use with a spring clip. The advantage of the one-point sling design is its flexibility in use. Being attached at only one point makes it easy to move the gun around. Of the three desighns, the single point is the easiest to use when switching between your dominant and support shoulder.

Features and Specifications:

Manufacturer Number: AOPS01B

AIM Sports Single Point Bungee Sling Nylon Black AOPS01B

250 lb. heavy duty

Allows for greater mobility & weight adjustment

Elastic-encased steel clip

Easy adjustment bungee sling

Multiple lengths

Adjustable from 46" To 64" Inches

Width: 1.3"

7.5 oz

Color: Black



UPC 815879011886