OtherBCM Gunfighter Knesthetic Angled Grip Black

BCM Gunfighter Knesthetic Angled Grip Black

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Product Description

Direct Attach Picatinny 1913 Rail Version

"¢ Forward rake gives positive retention when using "œC-clamp" (thumb over bore) method of handguard support

"¢ Works as a rest for supported firing positions

"¢ Slight angle without significant bulk adds just the right amount of relief to the wrist without substantially increasing the girth of the handguard

"¢ Small profile is just enough to get repeatable hand position on weapon for-end

"¢ Innovative patent pending attachment method allows for robust clamping and alignment with minimal hardware and slender accessory size

"¢ Textured in front and back for positive engagement

"¢ Made in the U.S.A. from high quality, impact resistant polymers.

Installation Instructions - Tools needed: T15 Torx Driver (not supplied)

"¢ Insert tool (T15 Torx™ driver) into the screw from under the BCM® Picatinny Handstop

"¢ Push the tool into the screw to extend the Picatinny anchor, making it protrude from the top

"¢ With the Picatinny anchor protruding, slide the BCM® Handstop onto the Picatinny Rail in the desired location

"¢ Push the Handstop against the rail, engaging the Handstop's recoil lug to the intersecting Picatinny rail groove

"¢ With the recoil lug engaged, tighten the screw to snug the anchor (approximately 40 inch-lbs. plus quarter turn,*DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN*)

"¢ Ensure there is no "œplay" or forward/backward movement once tightened.