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Concealed carry handguns are one of the best means of self-defense, but you won’t feel secure unless you are using the firearm that’s right for you. DEGuns is a leading online dealer of firearms and supplies of all kinds, including self-defense handguns. Let’s take a look at some of the top concealed carry handguns for self- defense.

We offer you firearms that are:

  • Lightweight enough to carry all day
  • Designed not to snag on clothing when drawn
  • Ready to stop whatever threat you face


1. Walther CCP 3.54 Inch Barrel 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol Stainless Steel Slide

When you’re carrying a handgun against your body, you need something with the right size and an ergonomic shape. The new Walther SOFTCOIL gas-delayed blowback action is one of the features that makes the CC Pan incredible concealed carry option.

The SOFTCOIL gas-delayed blowback action transfers pressures from the fired cartridge by channeling it through a port in the barrel to inhibit the rearward motion of the slide.

SOFTCOIL Technology lets you control the slide to chamber a round with ease.

It cuts the barrel ruse down by a third, for greater handling. The reduced barrel kick lets you be more accurate and focused following each shot. In a self-defense situation, the more control you can gain and maintain, the better.

2. Springfield PG9109 911 .380 ACP Concealed Carry Pistol


When you are looking for your next hunting backup gun or a great concealed carry pistol, the Springfield PG 9109 911 .380 is ready for you. The 911 is a lightweight, sturdy gun in an aluminum and black Nitride frame. It has a smooth shape and profile, designed to eliminate snags. It is designed to be undetectable when under clothing, which is an important part of being discreet.

3. Springfield EMP Lightweight Champion, 9mm, 4″, Concealed Carry Contour

The EMP is the latest in a brilliant family of concealed carry pistols. It has a contour specially designed for concealed carry. This is a combination of field-tested firearm performance and the latest in grip-worthy shapes and design. This all-in-one model brings updates to the original such as a longer barrel, and a trimmed frame for even better concealment. You also benefit from the rounded contours of the beveled cut on the mainspring housing. The shape reduces “palm-bite” which can be aggravating when you are trying to fire the gun.

The front fiber optic sight allows for rapid target acquisition, a must-have when you are in a self-defense scenario.

Learn More About Concealed Carry Handguns with Expert Guidance from a Top Online Dealer

If you are interested in finding a concealed carry handgun that will help you keep yourself in an emergency, or give you the peace of mind that only concealed carry practitioners know, get in touch with DEGuns. We specialize in helping people find the best firearm for them. We know that personal size and needs are one of the most important factors in any firearm purchase. Call us at 402-875-6500 with your questions about concealed carry handguns, ammunition, or contact us online to learn more.