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In light of conversations happening in regards to the second amendment, one statement often said is this: äóìGuns donäó»t kill people, people doäó. What gun enthusiasts are saying with this statement is guns arenäó»t the problem, people are. In America, there are plenty of incidents of wrong people getting their hands on dangerous weapons, like guns. However, it must be said that accidents happen: Guns go off when not intended; Guns sometimes are not stored properly or handled appropriately. Thatäó»s why Gun Safety 101 is important. If you own a gun, then you must know how to store it and care for it properly. The way you store your firearm(s) and firearm accessories, including ammunition, depends on what you have and where you live.

The Ten Commandments of Gun Safety

We all hear horror stories about guns malfunctioning and going off accidentally with people dying as the result. Itäó»s awful and in a perfect world it would never happen. As gun owners and shooters, itäó»s our responsibility to operate our guns safely, store our guns in safe places, and keep our guns out of the hands of undesirable users. Firearms must be stored carefully and handled with care because firearms are inherently dangerous. Here are

The 10 Commandments of Gun Safetyäó_

1) Treat every gun with the respect due to a loaded gun

2) Carry only empty guns, taken down or with the action open, into your car, camp, and home

3) Be sure the barrel and action are clear of obstructions

4) Carry your gun so you can control the direction of the muzzle

5) Be sure of your target before you pull the trigger

6) Donäó»t point a gun at anything you donäó»t want to shoot

7) Donäó»t leave your gun unattended unless you completely unload it first

8) Donäó»t climb a tree or fence with a loaded gun

9) Donäó»t shoot at a flat, hard surface or the surface of water

10) Donäó»t mix gunpowder and alcohol

Products to Keep Your Firearms Safe

Most firearms come with safety features, like trigger locks and hard cases, included. However, there are additional tools and accessories you can buy to further secure your firearm and increase safety in your home and wherever you travel with your firearms.
The protection you choose depends on what guns you own, your living situation, and how much money you can afford to investäóîfor example: If you are a gun collector, then you probably need a bigger storage space; If you shoot guns competitively, then you might value portability when it comes to gun safety and security.

Here are a few products offered by Discount Enterprises that are designed to keep firearms protected and safe:
1. Gun Sock Silicone Treated
The first product is the Gunsoc, which is just what the name suggests: A sock for your gun! The material of the sock is made from a special blend of polyester and cotton that creates a soft and safe housing for your gun. The sock helps to keep moisture away from the gun inside the sock. Discount Enterprises carries Gun Socs for pistols and shotguns.

2. Homak Steel Gun Cabinet
Next, we have an increased level of storage capacity than what is offered with hard cases and holsters: Gun cabinets. Discount Enterprises offers a wide variation of gun cabinets with different internal configuration options. Check out Discount Enterprisesäó» selection of Homak Steel Gun Cabinets. Like the one we have available for just $249.99. This gun cabinet comes with a lockable box for ammunition. The cabinet safely secures handguns, firearms, ammunition, accessories, and other valuables. It is constructed of steel with Œ_-inch steel rod, heavy-duty steel plate, and full-length piano hinge.
3. BenchMaster Gun Rack
Last, but not least, we have BenchMaster Gun Racks designed for Gun safes. On, you can find these products suitable for 4 äóñ 12 guns at a time. The racks are lightweight and keep guns safe from water absorption, chemicals, and mold.

Education and Precaution Is Your Best Protection

Bad things happen when we least expect it. Thatäó»s why itäó»s important to keep guns unloaded when they are not being used and make sure to store your guns properly at all times. The best way to prevent accidents is to know how to handle your gun properly and keep it away from people who donäó»t. Take precaution always to avoid horrible accidents. Also, invest in protective products like gun safes, gun locks if your gun doesnäó»t come with a trigger lock, and hard cases for transportability.

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