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Target shooting is extra fun when you are using a 9mm handgun. These pistols have satisfying firepower, and exquisite accuracy. Not only that, they are easy to use which makes them perfect for:

  • Target shooting
  • Home defense
  • Personal defense

Let’s explore some of the most popular 9mm firearms, and what made them such a hit among firearm owners.

1. Taurus PT111 G2C 9mm: Compact, Accurate and Efficient

Our Price: $318.00

Sale Price: $199.99


The Taurus PT111 G2C is the latest evolution in compact pistols by the renowned Brazilian maker. It’s a wonderful choice for target shooting and concealed carry applications as well. It’s the latest in a line of popular pistols such as the…

  • Millennium
  • Millennium Pro
  • G2

If you knew any of these, you are likely to enjoy this firearm as well.

Reviewers of this firearm boast about its accuracy, and ease of use. For it’s price range, it’s one of the most accurate and reliable and popular pistols available for target shooting.

2. Walther PPQ M2 9mm Pistol w/ Tritium Night Sight: A Target Shooting Breakthrough

Our Price: $749.00

Sale Price: $549.99


The PPQM2 by Walter Arms is a popular target-shooting handgun because it is ergonomic while offering high performance. The molded grip fits snug against the hand while the trigger is one of the best ever designed, with a polymer striker-fired handgun. It features sleek, sophisticated styling with a reversible magazine release.

Here are some specs:


  • 9mm Caliber
  • 4” Barrel Length
  • 7.1″ Overall Length
  • Weighs 24.5 Ounces
  • Includes 2-15 Round Magazines
  • Height of 5.3″
  • Tenifer Black Finish Color
  • 1.3″ Wide

3. Sig Sauer Full size 9mm With Rail: Popular for Target Practice and More

Our Price: $1,005.00

Sale Price: $849.99


The P320X-Five 9mm is a pistol that brings together the shootability, accuracy and ergonomics of the previous handguns in its line while retaining the modularity of the P320 platform. This model features a deep under-grip and trigger guard, not to mention a higher back strap and beavertail, which offer you superior recoil control.

This is a great handgun for target shooting because it comes with a removable grip weight designed to help you improve your balance. It also comes with a removable magazine funnel and an extended slide catch lever that makes you able to reload faster.

Like the other handguns in its series, the P320 has a straight trigger with a 90 degree break, which delivers a better pull to the operator. The 5” bull barrel and lightweight slide pair up to create a match-grade-accurate target shooting handgun.


Learn More About Popular Target shooting 9mm Pistols with Help from DEGuns

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