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Women tend to prefer easy-to-control, highly reliable handguns with the stopping power they need for effective self-defense. Often, female shooters look for a handgun that is customizable in terms of grip to let them find a handling experience that works for them.

DEGuns, a leading online firearms and accessories dealer, has picked the following handguns because they are:

  • Ideal for women’s concealed carry needs
  • Simple to use, which is essential for self-defense safety
  • Compact, yet powerful

Let’s take a look at some options.

  • Ruger LC9S 9mm Striker Fire Titanium Blue With Manual Safety 3265: The Perfect Self-Defense Handgun for Women

Women like to use the Ruger LC9S 9mm because it features a super crisp trigger pull for faster, superior shooting. Not only that, it is compatible with all the LC9 accessories. Its barrel is made out a tough steel alloy, and it features adjustable dovetail three-dot sights. It comes with one 7-round magazine for optional finger trigger extension, and it comes with a flat base. Its safety features include integrated trigger safety, manual safety, and magazine disconnect.

  • Smith & Wesson 10048 S&W M&P Bodyguard: Fast Target Acquisition for Female Shooters

This is a compact handgun that is perfect for women because it is lightweight, sleek and ergonomic. It is well-designed for concealed carry, and it is rugged and weather resistant thanks to a matte-coated stainless steel slide and barrel. This new firearm features a 2 ¾ ‘’ barrel, and an overall length of 5 1/4” inches. You get rapid target acquisition thanks to its crimson trace laser, which makes it ideal for self-defense and home defense.

  • Smith & Wesson 9mm Luger: Ideal Women’s Self-Defense Handgun

Smith & Wesson 9mm luger The Smith & Wesson 9mm luger is the ideal women’s self defense handgun because it works well with common concealed carry needs. It is made out of a polymer frame that reduces snags. It features easy-to-use front and rear sights, and striker fire action. It has a stainless steel slide, and textured polymer.

  • Glock 39 Sub Compact .45: Easy Choice for Women Who Need a Handgun

This Gl ock is a great self-defense handgun for women. It’s built around the design parameters of many subcompact models. It is easy, and if you ask many people, even a lot of fun to shoot it. Brand new shooters and veterans alike love the experience it offers.

  • Smith & Wesson Performance Center Revolver: A Woman’s Self-Defense Firearm

Performance Center firearms are created from the ground up for maximum performance quality. This attention to design makes them ideal for women who need a self-defense firearm. This firearm features deep cut broaching rifling, chamfered charge holes PC Custom Tear Drop hammer, and a PC Trigger Action Stop. It’s a .45 caliber, 6-round Model 625 with Gold Bead front sights, and a satin stainless finish. It’s great for home defense because it is so simple to load and use.

To learn about more self-defense handguns for women, contact DEGuns or call 402-875-6500.