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DEGuns gun warehouse in Lincoln, Nebraska
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Discount Enterprises, or DEGuns as we popularly call ourselves, is indisputably the perfect place for anyone looking to buy used guns online. Professional shooters, firearm enthusiasts, amateur or first time gun handlers – there’s everything for everyone in our online gun store. We take each and every commitment seriously, with constant endeavor to offer only genuine products at the best possible price. As a Class 3 NFA dealer, we are obligated and devoted to deliver only licensed and authorized used guns. We strongly recommend everyone, especially first time visitors, to explore featured products, customer favorite’s, and the deals page on our website. You’re sure to be astounded by the nearly endless range of firearms, ammo and accessories that we have to offer. 

We ship Guns, Ammo, Apparel, & Accessories

Not only do we offer the most comprehensive range of firearms, ammunition and related supplies, we make sure they are ready to be shipped as soon as we bag an order. Our inventory boasts of some of the most popular handguns, rifles and firearms, even the most uncommon varieties that you may have a tough time finding elsewhere. Our supply managers ensure that the inventory is updated in real-time, reinforcing Deguns dedication to maintain a consistent stock at greatly competitive prices.

Firearm and Accessories show floor

Our sales representatives are trained to handhold you through every purchase, right from selecting and ordering the merchandise to doorstep shipping. Local customers have the added advantage to purchase directly from the store, located conveniently in Lincoln, Nebraska and open from 10AM to 8PM, Monday through Friday. 9AM – 8PM, Saturday. 11AM – 7PM Sunday. All orders are shipped to your doorstep or to a local store of your choice, rest assured in the shortest possible time reflecting our staunch approach to deliver best-in-class aftersales services and our desire to remain with our customers right till the end.

Well over 10 years in business!

Backed by years of experience in the guns business, we fully realize and understand the concerns faced by first time handlers. Sure enough, it is a nerve-wrecking task to zero down on the most suitable handgun to start with and to learn to operate it safely. Which is why we offer the most simplest of firearms through the most complex, so you can build your basics and then climb your way up the ladder. This is another reason why we also offer CHP class (Concealed Handgun Permit) and a Handgun 101 firearms training class, particularly targeted at first-time enthusiasts and amateur shooters so you don’t need to compromise on safety while learning to shoot a firearm. Our aim is not only to teach you fundamentals like loading and unloading a gun, grip or stance, but also instill in you the necessary confidence, so that first time users never get shaky when forced to defend themselves in dangerous situations.

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