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Break Free Powder Blast Gun Cleaner/Degrease - GC-16


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Product Details

Break-Free powder blast is a powerful gun cleaner/degreaser that is designed to leave metal parts clean and ready for lubrication.

It utilizes citrus oil to remove carbon, oil, grease, and other fowling.

It is safe to use on all metal parts but it is not recommended for use on rubber or plastic grips or parts.

Use caution around camo, wood, or polymer finishes.

Environmentally friendlier and leaves a pleasant citrus odor.

Specifications and Features:

Break Free Powder Blast GC-16

12 oz aerosol can

Removes powder residue, grease and oil build-up

Contains citrus oil and other environmentally safe solvents

Leaves firearm clean and ready to lube

Ideal for high-volume shooting

Works immediately without disassembly of firearm

Use Caution on Rubber/Plastic Grips

Use Caution on Camo, Wood, or Polymer finishes



UPC 088592006044


Product Specifications

AccessoriesCleaning Solution
ManufacturerBreak Free CLP