AmmoShotgun AmmoBrowning BXD Waterfowl 12ga 3" #2 Steel 1-1/4oz 25 Rounds

Browning BXD Waterfowl 12ga 3" #2 Steel 1-1/4oz 25 Rounds

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Product Description

The Browning BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance launches premium plated steel shot downrange at high velocities to achieve fantastic performance in the field.

Plated steel shot maintains higher velocity down range to provide tighter patterns and deeper penetration.

The aerodynamically stabilized wad further improves the down range pattern and puts more pellets on target.

This means the BDX load give you a focused energy deposit with more payload on target and that means more birds in the bag!

Browning Ammunition

12 Gauge

3" Shell

#2 Shot

1-1/4 Ounce

1450 fps

High Velocity Nickel Plated Lead Shot


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UPC 020892023116

Product Details
Ammo Caliber
12 Gauge
Bullet Type