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Community Defense Training

COMMUNITY DEFENSE TRAINING: Small Unit Leadership, Team Organization, and Community Coordination for Private Citizen/Leaders in the Community

DISASTERS - NATURAL OR MANMADE - BRING OUT THE WORST AND THE BEST IN HUMANITY. Looters, opportunists, corrupt officials, overstretched resources, and thinning budgets for law enforcement and EMS means that if you want to ensure your survivability in a worst case scenario, you will need to not only be properly prepared yourself and your family, you will need to cooperate and coordinate with your neighbors, other private local leaders, and local law enforcement in order to save lives, promote peace, and assure a smooth transition back to civility, normalcy, and order.

Where central planning fails miserably (as both historic and recent examples prove), decentralized (local) coordination is the key, for no external organization hundreds or thousands of miles away can possibly know your community and its unique needs better than those who live and work there.

As John Boyd adroitly pointed out; increasing your interaction with the world will give you the greatest opportunity for survivability, and interaction requires cooperation and voluntary association with other operators across a broad spectrum; from additional well trained teams in the area; local civic organizations, local producers (farmers, ranchers, business, and service provider, etc.,) local law enforcement, and civic leaders (elected and other). Hard won national and global experience have proven communities can ill afford to farm their security out to proxies who often make the situation worse. Nor can communities isolate themselves during emergency situations and reasonably expect good things to come of such abdication of personal responsibility. The ability to make quality decisions for yourself and the well-being of your neighbors can only come from those in the community who understand local problem; and prior training and proper coordination is key to your communities survivability.

Picking up where our Master of Chaos 2 or "MoC2" certification ends, the Master of Chaos 1 or "MoC1" training take the individual, micro-team, and team operations into the team environment to practice maneuver warfare, 4GW concepts and those skills necessary to effectively coordinate and lead small units within your community. In this intensive training program - filled with multiple level customizable no-nonsense training modules - the individual operator will be trained and tested in his ability to become an integral part of his community where he will learn to lead his team and coordinate with those various resources available to him. This advanced course is designed to bring the skilled operator up to a level of training and ability far exceeding the industry standard. Pulse O2DA will teach private community leaders how to recruit, select, train, network, and coordinate their efforts in a community outreach of preparation that will tie in all of their prior firearms and small unit training with other business and community leaders who are ready to take the next logical step in personal responsibility - community coordination and leadership.

In this training you will learn how to take others up the training ladder you have climbed, while augmenting your skill set with individually customized training modules where you will learning many new skills such as; leadership, community coordination, land navigation, communications, emergency first aid, site surveys, map reconnaissance, rout planning, convoy operations, surveillance, counter surveillance, scavenging, food storage, community coordination, community policing, community patrolling, etc.

The training you receive from us will be equal to, and in many cases better than the training provided to your local law-enforcement and federal federal agencies, as our instructors all come from significant military and law enforcement backgrounds, all of which are steeped in community self-sustainment and unit interoperability. You will be tested on and build upon the vital skills taught in MoC2 by teaching you how to use your skills to keep your community safe while coordinating with others of similar skill sets so that the authorities can invest their limited resources and focus their efforts in the more problematic areas. We will train you on exactly what to do from the first signs of trouble, to concluding your efforts with meaningful debriefings amongst local leaders and law enforcement officials, in order to help identify and correct any deficiencies, thereby driving meaningful change in your community.

Most firearms training groups and the US Government will not teach you what we will teach you. We train you the way elite units and teams are trained, as we believe that civilians who already are paying for security have a right to be every bit as skilled and prepared as law enforcement and military when it comes to defending their life, their families, their livelihood, and their communities.

As our economy continues to erode and our nations resources are continually stretched, misallocated, and mismanaged, you can be assured that future emergencies will become moor devastating without your involvement and leadership.

We at Pulse O2DA will train you how to interact with your community and other leaders within it to bring order our of the chaos of a disaster, whether natural or man made. We will teach you the skills, mind set, and leadership proficiencies needed to help your community make it through the worst case scenarios.

We train our proprietary methodology - the Pulse Engine. Pulse O2DA has one of the most comprehensive training systems available today. We combine our live training with online videos, photos, and manuals to deliver a 360 degree 365 day training solution. We teach a devastatingly effective gun fighting methodology we created called the Pulse Engine, a method that quite simply unravels an adversary.

The Pulse Engine methodology, based upon the theory of maneuver warfare, integrates more than 30 concepts, techniques and principles into a powerful gun fighting methodology that enables you to dominate a lethal force confrontation. At it's core, the Pulse Engine shapes conflict to your advantage, and to the disadvantage of your attacker. The Pulse Engine methodology focuses on rapidly exchanging initial disadvantage for advantage by increasing your interaction with your environment (cover/concealment, etc.) while simultaneously isolating and breaking your adversary down so that he is no longer a threat to you or others. Through the MoC1 courses we will show you how to empower those in your community to do what you have done already, self-organize and bring security to your community when needed.


PARTICIPANTS: Local residents and community leaders who are MoC2 graduates or have equivalent skills.

TYPE OF COMMUNITY: This training is designed for small communities, neighborhoods and isolated towns or villages. The skills taught are beneficial to groups and communities operating in larger cities as well.

Upon completion of the basic training you will have the skills and the confidence necessary to effectively lead and coordinate emergency preparedness plans within your community and beyond.You will be tested on all previous skills (MoC2) and learn skills such as:

• Theoretical, strategic, and tactical fundamentals of maneuver and 4GW warfare
• Intensive handgun, shotgun, and rifle firearms training and testing for both the individual, teams, and units
• Small unit tactical team organization, tactical fundamentals, formations, and maneuvers
• On-site reality based training scenarios and tactical exercises without troops (TEWTs)
• Community leadership
• Community policing
• Surveillance
• Counter surveillance
• Community patrolling, etc.,
• Community coordination and beyond
• Land navigation
• Communications
• Emergency medicine and coordinating community assets
• Map reconnaissance
• Site surveys
• Rout planning
• Convoy operations
• Inter-community coordination

Your training will be "hands on" you will learn to lead by doing. Your on-site training is "preheated" via our 360 degree 365 day online gun fighting resources which will prepare you for your training, and augment your local efforts. We offer post-course recurrent training, and a vibrant network of professionals who will help you manage your program from within while providing you with multiple options for growing, improving, and sustaining your growing network.

RECURRENT TRAINING As part of your basic training we provide you with a suggested schedule for recurrent training and other benchmarks of a healthy community security force. At minimum you will want to coordinate regular training, stage training exercises, and have a system in place to replace leaders and members who depart the community. We offer several recurrent training options as well as a vibrant learning support network.

PREREQUISITES: MoC2 or equivalent

COST OF TRAINING The fee for this training is dependent on the modules selected to meet your needs. On site training consists of a base fee plus a fee for each team member that participates.

The cost of recurrent training is determined by the services provided. A monthly "stand-by" option provides for a security specialist to be on call for a specified period of time and scope of service deliverables. A 2-day reality based on-site community training session every six months would be priced like basic training - adjusted downwards for the number of days involved. Our "train the trainer" option is designed for one team member who spends two weeks training at our facilities with our certified training instructors. The cost of mobilizing our security specialists to your facilities is based upon the urgency and nature of the threat and the required qualifications of the specialist(s).