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Quick Clip Scent Disk dispenser allows you to keep your absorbent felt disk smell lasting longer with its airtight seal. Conveniently stores your disk and attaches to a branch for use. Sold as a 3 pack of scent disk within dispensers with an additional 3 replacement felt disks.

UPC: 816153010984

Harmon Triple Heat Female in Heat Deer Scent from Cass Creek is one of the hottest Female Deer in Heat deer lures on the market today!

it is proven by biologists that deer identify other individual deer by scent, Bill Harmon developed TRIPLE HEAT deer attractant with a mixture of doe estrus urine from at least 3 different female deer in heat, causing a buck to identify at least 3 different does in the area and making them react faster and remain longer.

2 Ounce bottle with convenient spray pump top.

UPC: 615588030358

  • A 6-ounce aerosol can of the strongest Doe in Estrus urine (3 Female Deer in Heat) used in aerosol disbursement system

  • Harmon Scents are strong and very effective; and the Harmon's flagship scent-Triple Heat- is very strong
  • Just pop the distinctive fluorescent orange top, aim and spray
  • Death Mist Triple Heat maintains the value, strength of smell, and purity of Triple Heat
  • Harmon's Triple Heat Death Mist will be sure to help you bring in that Trophy Buck
  • Collected fresh, and sealed in an airtight container, this is very fresh urine
  • Deer hunters can use it to spray into scrapes, mock scrapes, on decoys, leaves of bushes, trees, scent wicks, drag rags, the leaves over a scrape, or the bottom of boots