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Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit Course CCW CLASS Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit Course CCW CLASS

Our Nebraska Concealed Handgun course is taught in eight major parts. The core course covers many critical elements in carrying a concealed handgun for self-defense and our knowledgeable instructors will gladly answer all of your questions during class. Here's the course overview:

1. Knowledge and Safe Handling of Handguns
2. Knowledge and Safe Handling of Ammunition
3. Safe Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
4. Storage Practices for Handgun and Ammunition
5. Avoiding Criminal Attacks and Defusing or Controlling Violent Confrontation
6. Laws pertaining to Purchase, Ownership, Transportation, and Possession of a Handgun.
7. Laws Pertaining to the Use of a Handgun
8. Practical and Written Assessment

The practical assessment requires approximately 50 rounds of ammunition for drills which involve precision exercises as well as shoot/don't shoot drills. Then we move on to the required qualification course, which requires an additional 30 rounds of ammunition. This assessment is done with six shots at 3' and twelve shots at 9' , six shots at 15' and six shots at 21'. You will be required to get at least 70% of these shots on a standard FBI Q Target.

Please list your NE driver's license number & date of birth in the order notes and use exact spelling of your full name as it appears on your Driver's License when you place your order.


Our Price: $170.00