Optics, Scopes, and SightsDNZ Products Hunt Master Series 30mm 2-piece Rings High Height Tactical

DNZ Products Hunt Master Series 30mm 2-piece Rings High Height Tactical

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Howa 1500, Mossberg 100ATR, 4X4, Patriot, MVP, Weatherby Vanguard, Remington 700,721,722,725 (fits all action lengths):

Base screws are 6-48 X 1/4 long. Ring screws are 6-40 X 5/8 long. Both use a 7/64 Allen wrench.

Hole spacing dimensions on front mount is .86 and on back mount it is .60. Both mounts are not the same part. Back mount is taller than front mount because receiver is lower on back end. Standard rings are .63" wide and Tactical rings are .80" wide. Standard rings have 2 screws per ring and Tactical rings have 4 screws per ring. Height of mounts from top of receiver to centerline of scope tube is X low .86, low .98, medium 1.10, and High 1.23.

Hunt Masters signature series two piece scope mounts

Fits long and short actions, some super short actions left and right hand guns

Custom made to fit each type of firearm and align perfectly with your rifle's receiver

Each ring and base is machined from a solid block of top-grade billet aluminum

Internal ring and base design allows for extra eye relief adjustment

Eliminates or reduces scope damage from tightening rings

Approximately 1/3 the weight of steel

Eliminates the need for windage screws that can work loose and cause problems

No moving parts between the firearm and the scope

Up to four times the threads of other mounts for absolute strength and security

Absorbs shock and withstands temperature extremes better than steel mounts at a fraction of the weight

Made in the USA

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