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EOTech is one of the world-leaders in holographic weapon sight technology. Beginning in 1996 with the introuction of the Bushnell-HoloSight EOTech began their production of holographic weapon sights. This first sight won the Optic of the Year Award from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. The Bushnell-HoloSight set a new standard for optical sight technology.

In 2000, with the introduction of their second generation HWS, which had a more compact and modular design, EOTech laid foundation for their law enforcement and military markets. In the following year EOTech introduced a military and law enforcement holographic weapon sight, again receiving the Optic of the Year Award.

The Holographic Weapon Sight has been a revolutionary piece of technology for shooters everywhere. The advantages granted by such a sight are innumerable, but include:
  • Maximum situational awareness from a true heads-up display and two eyes open when shooting.
  • Parallax-free vision through the sight.
  • Variety of reticle patterns to meet each shooter's needs.
  • Rugged reliability and undetectable operation in all environments
  • Ability to adjust brightness to any situation and environment.
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EoTech Model EXPS3 Tan Holographic Weapon Sight EoTech Model EXPS3 Tan Holographic Weapon Sight
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Eotech XPS2-0GRN 68&1 MOA BLK CR123 GRN Eotech XPS2-0GRN 68&1 MOA BLK CR123 GRN
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Since USSOCOM awarded EOTech a contract for holographic weapon sights in 2005 units such as Special Operations, the Marine Corps, and Elite Army Units such as Stryker Brigade and the 101st Airborn have made the HWS their optic of choice.

The design of a holographic sight gets the projection of a reticule to appear:
  • Only to the user
  • In the window of the sight only
  • With uniform brightness
  • Distortion-free
  • Parallax-free at the distance that the holograph records.
The holographic sight works by constructing a 2 or 3-dimensional image of a reticle, and a laser illuminates the hologram. The operator looking through the sight window sees the reticle at the distance of the target plane.

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