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Ghost Inc Ghost Armorers Plate fits Glocks Gen 1-4

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Product Description

Clear Armorer's Plate by Ghost INC.

Enables the firearm user to see the internal parts and the sear and firing pin engagement, slightly thicker than the GLOCK plate.

Moving the firing pin leg effects where the trigger releases the firing pin. Moving it slightly forward gives you more adjustment of the Trigger Control Tab (TCT) once your thinner Glock black plate is reinstalled. Once you shorten the TCT enough so that the pistol to fires you should remove the orange plate and reinstall your Glock black plate. Your Glock plate is thinner your pistol should still fire but you may feel a load (load=you pull the trigger it will stop against the TCT then you will add more force or load to the trigger to get the pistol to fire). If this condition exist remove the connector again and final fit by removing an ever so slight amount from the TCT.

This will allow for you to get a precise fit with the EVO ELITE, ROCKET & TACTICAL triggers. This plate is a virtual must for an easier error free installation of the EVO ELITE, ROCKET & TACTICAL.



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