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Glow Ammo Kit .45

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Glow Ammo Trajectory Identification Technology allows you to see where every bullet impacts. Glow Ammo kits are a revolutionary product designed to give shooters ammunition that will track their trajectory.

This gives you the amazing ability to make shooting adjustments on the fly mid magazine. Ballistic trajectories become self explanatory with a simple pull of the trigger. Glow Ammo is easy to use and allows you to transform practically any handgun round you handload into a non-incendiary cold tracer. Glow Ammo makes bullets visible from dusk to dawn, and anytime at an idnoor range. Each kit treats 255 rounds, Made in the USA.

Each box of Glow Ammo comes with enough identifiers to reload 255 rounds of "tracer like" ammunition. All the reloader needs to do is to peel off an identifier and stick it on the bottom of the bullet before they seat the bullet in the brass.