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Hollands QD SS-58-24-5075-ST Brake S/S - 5/8 ins. - 24 TPI - .650 -.975 - Straight - SS-58-24-5075-ST QD Brake S/S - 5/8 ins. - 24 TPI - .650 -.975 - Straight

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Holland's Radial Baffle and Quick Discharge™ Muzzle Brakes offer improved recoil reduction due to the unique radial baffle design. Radial baffles trap the gas and divert it around the shooter in a rearward direction, increasing the recoil reduction over a 90 degree exhaust pattern. Radial baffles increase the surface area for the gas to work against, providing exceptional performance. Our blank area on the bottom of the brake virtually eliminates the dust cloud signature and prevents dirt and debris from being kicked around the shooter. Imagine being miles from the truck and getting something in your eye from a 360 degree ported brake! Holland brakes are better by design