AmmoHornady 25 CAL .257 110 GR FTX

Hornady 25 CAL .257 110 GR FTX

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Product description

Hornady 25 CAL FTX

The Hornady Interlock bullet has an exposed lead tip for controlled expansion and a raised ring inside the jacket that is embedded in the bullet's core.

This keeps the core and jacket locked together for deep penetration and maximum weight retention.

The one-piece core does not separate.

The bullet is designed to consistently produce large wound channels for quick, clean kills.

The secant ogive design of the bullet results in lower drag, flatter trajectories and phenomenal accuracy.

This is a reloading component, not ready to fire ammunition.

Specifications and Features:

.25 Caliber Bullets


Diameter .257

Bullet weight 110 Grain Flex Tip

Ballistic coefficient: 0.340

Uses: Medium Game hunting

100 Bullets per Box


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UPC 090255709773

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