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Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive Reloading Press


Product description

The Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive press is just what you need for reloading ammo in large quantities. The myriad of features allowing for faster, and more precise adjustments and caliber changes. The Lock-N-Load quick change die bushing system allows for extremely quick caliber changes, requiring adjustment only when first installed into the bushing. A simple 1/8 turn will free the bushing and allow you to swap to a new die in seconds. The Lock-N-Load powder measure also features a quick change ability, allowing you to swap preset charge weights with the simple push of a button to remove the metering instert, and replace it with a new one, already calibrated for the new charge weight.

The Lock-N-Load AP with NEW EZject system loads at a rate of up to 500 rounds per hour, and features the quickest change-over of any progressive press.

The Lock-N-Load AP is a professional-grade, auto-indexing, 5-station progressive press that features Our patented Lock-N-Load bushing system as well as a host of other features that make it much more attractive than other, more expensive presses, such as the Dillon XL650.

EZject System:

The EZject system delivers 100% reliable ejection of every cartridge, every time, without any adjustments.

Priming System:

The Lock-N-Load AP can be changed from large to small primers as easy as 1-2-3

1: Change the primer seater punch

2: Change the primer shuttle

3: Change the primer feed tube

Case Activated Powder Drop:

Case activated powder drop will dispense a powder charge ONLY when there is a cartridge case present. No more messes.

Quick Change Metering Inserts:

The Lock-N-Load powder measure uses quick-change metering inserts that allow you to switch from one powder to another with the push of a button. Add one to each dieset for the ULTIMATE quick change-over.

Quick Change Lock-N-Load Bushing Systems:

The Lock-N-Load AP has a 5 station quick change bushing system, which allows the Lock-N-Load AP to be changed very quickly; from 223 to 45 in less than 5 minutes. Compare that to any other popular progressive presses on the market.

Universal Case Retainer Spring:

The Lock-N-Load AP has an ingenious case retainer spring that allows you to quickly and easily remove and replace a case at any point in the loading process AND they are universal. Compare that to "other" progressives... they are not so progressive.

Automatic Indexing:

Each station moves 1/2 a stage on the upstroke and 1/2 a stage on the down stroke and the up stroke, making for ultra-smooth function. This process is much smoother than presses that do all their indexing on the down stroke.

Specifications and Features:

EZJect Cartridge ejection system

Lock-N-Load die bushings

Case activated powder dropper

Automatic Indexing

Universal case retainer spring

Large Capacity Hopper


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