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Kalashnikov USA KS-12 Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun 18" Barrel Collapsible Stock Black 10 Round


Product Description

KS-12T Tactical

If you are looking for a perfect shotgun to improve your shooting skills and grace your armory, look no further. Kalashnikov presents one of its finest and robust shotguns, the KS-12T Tactical shotgun. It is a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun based on the Russian Saiga series. 

This gun is no toy. It is built on the rugged AK platform for the 12 gauge shotgun. It has a quick response time and works on a smooth gas piston operation with rotating bolt lock-up. It comes with an adjustable pistol grip, flash suppressor, tri-rail forend ready for any weapon light, and standard side-mounted optics rail. 

The total length of the Kalashnikov KS-12T tactical shotgun comes to 42.5” with the buttstock fully extended and 38.5” when collapsed. The threaded barrel length is 18.25” and allows you to install any muzzle break of your choice that fits.

Many of the presently available Saiga accessories also work on the KS-12T including magazines, drums, muzzle devices and chokes. It has a threaded muzzle for use with chokes. The muzzle threads are covered by a muzzle nut or flash suppressor depending on the model. The KS 12 has a muzzle thread of M22 x 0.75 6H (Right Hand).

The KS-12T Tactical shotgun meets all the requirements of being an ideal shotgun for the armed forces and police alike. It is one of the best shotguns to be used in a sport shooting competition, on the range, or for self-protection. 

Made in the US with the most groundbreaking innovation, it includes a 10 round magazine (detachable) and accepts larger magazines and drums as well. It comes equipped with a 6-position collapsible buttstock and weighs around 8.86 lbs. Pertaining to our innovative adjustable gas system, the KS-12T accepts 2.75” and 3” shells of low brass to slugs. This firearm is not California compliant.  

Kalashnikov USA is sporting the pedigree of a proven Russian design available here in the USA. Imposed sanctions have made this particular tactical shotgun hard to findy. If you see one take the opportunity to pick one up. Utilizing a long stroke, gas piston, rotating bolt design the KS-12T is simply yet effective. 

The 18.25" smooth bore barrel is more than capable of shooting anything from buck down to birdshot providing you with plenty of stopping power all from a detachable box magazine. If you're looking for the most accurate representation of Russian design and craftsmanship on the market today, the KS-12T is it. Don't wait pick up a Kalashnikov USA KD-12T today before it's too late.


When the first round is fired, the shotgun automatically reloads using the energy of the gases of the fired round passing from the barrel port into the gas block and then into the gas cylinder forcing the gas piston and then the bolt carrier to the rear, ejecting the spent shell casing. 

As the bolt carrier returns to the forward position using the energy of the recoil spring, the next shell is picked up from the magazine and is positioned into the breach of the barrel, ready to be fired when the trigger is pulled again. 

In addition, the firearm can be cycled by hand (with a magazine in the magazine well) by retracting the bolt carrier to the rearmost position by hand and utilizing the energy of the recoil spring to pick up the shell from the magazine and position it in the breach of the barrel. The bolt rotates around its axis as the bolt carrier moves along the receiver rails. When in battery, the bolt is locked in place with two locking lugs. 

The trigger and firing mechanism utilizes a hammer type design to ensure single-shot firing and a trigger blocking device when the safety lever is set at the safe position to prevent firing. The magazine is released by the force of gravity while pressing the magazine latch forward.



KS-12T Specifications and Features:

12-Gauge Semi automatic shotgun

3" Chamber (Accepts 2-3/4" and 3" Shotshells)

18.25" Barrel

Smooth Bore Barrel

Fixed Sights

10 Round Magazine

922R Compliant

Safety Selector lever notch to hold open bolt

Flash Suppressor

Muzzle Threaded Metric 22x.75

6-position collapsible buttstock

Skeleton Buttstock

Tactical Foreend with Picatinny Rail

Finger Groove Pistol Grip

Standard AK Scope Rail

Overall Length comes to 42.5"

Collapsed length 38.5"

Overall Weight 8.86lbs

Matte Black Finish


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