Lasermax is best known for their design and manufacturing of firearm lasers and sights for military, law enforcement, and recreational purposes. Since their first laser inventions in 1989 LaserMax has become a a global leader in hardened and miniaturized laser systems.

Whether you're looking for a compact weapon light, or a reliable laser for use with a compact firearm, LaserMax products are some of the best in the business.

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The most technologically-advanced, hardened laser sighting system ever developed, the Guide Rod Laser replaces the recoil spring guide assembly in semi-auto pistols. No other laser sight in the world gets subjected to more rigorous testing or can result in more accurate shots. Don't skimp. Make it a LaserMax Guide Rod Laser.

As preferred supplier to the world's finest firearm brands and an established military equipment developer through active defense contracts, LaserMax specializes in packaging and ruggedizing laser systems for use in adverse environments. Having set the bar for exceptional laser performance and reliability, LaserMax considers it a matter of pride to uphold the highest standards. This is why every new LaserMax design is subjected to a standard battery of exhaustive tests.

Typical LaserMax performance trials include exposure to harsh conditions such as:

  • intense electromagnetic fields
  • extreme temperatures
  • high accelerations
  • deep water immersion
  • salt water spray
  • blowing sand
  • shock and weapon recoil
  • heavy impacts and drops

The pistol a Glock 26 had been recently recovered by the department after spending four months on the bottom of a Colorado lake. Although the gun was dirty and rusty, much to the chief's surprise and delight, the LaserMax sight still worked just fine.This story is not the first of its kind and we expect that it is far from the last. Such is the absolute dependability of LaserMax products.


Beyond sheer ruggedness, building products for the world's toughest customers requires originality. After all, what customers want and what customers need is constantly changing. At LaserMax, research and development has always been the dominant thrust of our work. This focus has resulted in more game-changing technological innovation than any other laser sight manufacturer.

When you genuinely care about your customers as much as we do, "good enough" is simply not good enough. We look at things differently. Down to the most subtle aspects of form, function, fit, finish: no small detail escapes the notice of LaserMax inventors and technicians. Whether it is destined for a NASA space platform, military weapon system or your personal carry gun, every LaserMax sight has this legacy of innovation built in.

Although equipping a defensive weapon with a laser sight can offer a definite tactical advantage, operator safety is of paramount importance. This is why, for over a quarter century, LaserMax has resisted the urge to adopt fads that might seem like a good idea, but potentially imperil the user in real world situations. All LaserMax sights are built with professional-grade performance and absolute operator safety in mind.

Safety is where LaserMax really stands apart from the competition. The activation switches on all LaserMax products automatically place the operator’s trigger finger in the proper Uniform Cover Mode (UCM) position, along the side of the handgun. This crucial indexing position is where both common sense and NRA Guidelines dictate we keep the trigger finger until ready to fire. In addition to being placed right, a LaserMax is also activated right. We will never suggest that you squeeze or alter your grip to stage the laser. When you choose LaserMax, you are choosing a brand that takes your safety just as seriously as you do.

The coverage of this limited warranty begins on the date of purchase and ends 5 years after the date of purchase. This limited warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable. To be eligible for warranty coverage you as the original purchaser of the product must register the product at lasermax.com within 90 days of your original purchase. To make a warranty claim, you must make a warranty repair request no later than the date that is five (5) years from the date of purchase and obtain a return authorization number from our Warranty Department at 1-800-527-3703. Once you have made a warranty claim, LaserMax will inspect the product to determine whether it is eligible for warranty coverage. If eligible, LaserMax will repair or replace the part(s)/product that LaserMax, in its sole discretion, determines to be defective during the warranty period. If not eligible, LaserMax will return the part(s)/product to you and inform you why coverage is not available. LaserMax reserves the right to substitute equivalent product replacement at its discretion.