Tactical Rifle Scopes | Gun Optics

Bring improved clarity and accuracy to every shot with rifle and pistol optics from DEGuns.net. We have hundreds of different rifle and pistol scopes, red dots, iron sights and accessories from many of today’s top manufacturers including Vortex, Trijicon, Zeiss, Rudolph, North Tac, MagPul and more.

Choose from any of the three basic types of sights:

Iron Sights – These are the most basic option. One of the benefits of iron sights is that they don’t depend on batteries to work. On Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR) the option of folding Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) adds to the reliability of your rifle if your primary optic is damaged or loses battery power. We carry many brands including MagPul, AIM Sports, Trinity Force and Aero Precision.

Red Dot Sights – Also known as reflex sights, project a laser dot that is superimposed into the shooter’s field of view. Unlike iron sights, most red dot sights use electrical power to operate and allow the shooter to use the sight with both eyes open, which enhances situational awareness. Red dot rifle optics can be used for all types of shooting: Tactical Military/Law Enforcement, Competition Shootings, Self Defense Shooting, Hunting and Recreational Shooting. When choosing a dot size remember bigger dots for pistol and up close (6 MOA sized) and smaller dots for rifles and further away (2 MOA sized). We carry a wide variety of Red Dot sights from Vortex, AimPoint, Sightmark, Trijicon, Sig Sauer and others.

Scopes – Magnify the target so that shots can be placed more accurately. There are many scope types and reticles to choose from:

  • Tactical Scopes: These scopes are built to meet the needs of Military and Law Enforcement situations and environments. Most have large external dials for making elevation and windage adjustments. Reticles in this type of scope can vary from a simple post and dot to a segmented circle to very busy “Christmas Tree” reticles form companies like HORUS and Vortex. Scopes and reticles can come in either Minute of Angle (MOA) or Milliradian (MRAD). There are a number of Tactical Scope brands to choose from including Schmidt and Bender, Trijicon, Vortex, AIM Sports, Pulsar, Sig Sauer and Burris

  • Hunting Scopes: These scopes are built to meet the needs of the game hunter. Man is a visual predator, having the right scope is a major advantage over the animal who can smell you, see you or hear you long before it is time to make the kill. Hunting scopes come in all price points ranging from thousands of dollars to $39.99. The game you are hunting, the location, your gun, your caliber and your budget are all determining factors in your scope purchase. There are many brands and configurations to choose from including Simmons, Vortex, Trijicon, Nikon, Schmidt and Bender, Leupold, Redfield, Sig Sauer and others.