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Pre-Owned Colt Lawman MK III 4"


Product Description

Colt Lawman MKIII .357 magnum 4-inch barrel. Made in the second year of production 1970. This revolver is in very good condition, there are signs of service or use. The grips have some bumps and bruises and there is bluing loss at the muzzle. The barrel is bright and shiny, I see no signs of abuse or misuse.

The Lawman was a .357 Magnum 'service grade' or 'police issue' version of the Trooper, and somewhat of an economy model intended for law enforcement looking for cheaper sidearms or private armed security. The Lawman came with fixed sights and no ejector rod shroud. Early Lawman revolvers came with thinner hammers and narrow triggers, but most Lawman revolvers come with the standard MK III Trooper hammers and triggers. Initial guns came with narrow service grips, but most come with larger target grips. Nickel finished guns came with Colt medallion-equipped Pachmayr "Signature" rubber grips. The Lawman came with a heavy barrel in lengths of two inch and four inches only. Early versions of the Lawman with the two-inch barrel had an exposed ejector rod; but later models with the two-inch barrel have an attribute unique to the Lawman, the only Lawman barrel equipped with shrouded ejector rod, resembling something of a larger third-generation Colt Detective Special. As with the MK III Trooper, the MK III Lawman was produced from 1969 to 1983.

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