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Pre-Owned Dan Wesson heavy barrel 6" .357


Product Description

Very minty Dan Wesson 15-2 .357 magnum. This is one of the improved Very minty Dan Wesson 15-2 .357 magnum. This is one of the improved Monson Massachusetts built guns. Made in 1979 just one year after Wesson's death in 1978. The gun is a very nice example, it has the styrofoam box, outer sleeve and unused barrel nut wrench and feeler gage as well as the instruction book. The grips are later Houge over-molds.

During 1975–1976, further refinements to the Models 14 and 15 were incorporated into production as the Models 14-2 and 15-2. The Model 15-2 became the most well known and the best selling Dan Wesson revolver model to go into production. The 15-2 used a roll pin inserted into the frame as a centering dowel combined with a precisely drilled hole in each shroud assembly to facilitate proper shroud centering and alignment, thus eliminating the need for flanged barrel shrouds. The 15-2 introduced more barrel and shroud options, including barrel/shroud lengths of 2.5, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 inches, partial or fully lugged shrouds with choices of solid or ventilated ribs, plus removable and interchangeable front sights.\ The Model 15-2 could be ordered as "Pistol Pacs" with 3 (initially) and later 4 (or more) barrel/shroud sets shipped inside a fiberglass briefcase with barrel changing tool and clearance gauges; however, most pistols were sold with only one barrel, with the buyers able to purchase other barrels later. All barrels and shrouds within a model series are compatible, thus a Model 15-2 frame from the 1970s may be equipped with a barrel from the 1990s and shroud made in 2016. The 15-2 increased sales markedly over the earlier models and were often seen in use with both target shooters and hunters.

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