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Pre Owned Sig Sauer 220R .45ACP w/Case and Extras


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SOMETIMES EXCELLENCE JUST ISN'T ENOUGH, While SIG SAUER® pistols are functionally flawless right out-of-the-box, some shooters can't resist taking things up a notch.
For them, SIG SAUER offers the Extreme series, one of our most popular models tricked out with all the features a shooter could want, from front cocking serrations to custom grips and more.
Front cocking serrations, SRT trigger system and Houge extreme G-10 grips. Gun comes with factory box, book, 3-8 round Sig magazines, night-sights and a SIGTAC light/laser combo.
Add tactical precision and illumination to compatible firearms with the Sig Sauer STL-900L tactical lght and laser rail light.
It's designed by Sig Sauer, a leading manufacturer of firearms and related accessories.
Complementing iron sights, the product is equipped with an array of features.
It increases the accuracy of handguns and rifles along with providing target illumination.
Enthusiasts of long guns and pistols find that this Sig Sauer device noticeably increases the functionality of their weapons.
Featuring a light/laser combo, the Sig Sauer STL-900 is powered by a 3V lithium battery.
With continuous use, the battery functions for 80 minutes.
This provides plenty of time for target practice or the execution of critical self-defense maneuvers.
Installing and replacing the power source is easy as well with an adjustable panel present for quick insertion.
The unit is attached to the underside of a rifle or handgun.
It's polymer design is sturdy, and its quick-release attachment remains reliably fastened to your gun during use.
On the left side of the Sig device, shooters access two convenient buttons for controlling certain functions.
A black button allows for turning on the LED flashlight, which operates at 130 lumens.
Pressing the button repeatedly alternates between steady light and strobe modes.
The strobe mode is ideal for disorienting home invaders or other threatening individuals as it rapidly flashes at 18-20 cycles per second.
This gives the shooter a critical advantage when engaging opponents in a dangerous situation.
Adjunct to the flashlight button is the red button, which activates a high-visibility red laser.
Adding this targeting mechanism to a rifle or pistol gives the shooter unparalleled accuracy.
It's steady stream-light precisely marks targets for rapid engagement.
Zeroing the laser is made easy as well by the notches made available for windage and elevation adjustment.