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Pre Owned Springfield Armory 1943 (WW2) M1 Garand CMP Danish Return


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Springfield Armory 1943 (WW2) M1 Garand CMP Danish Return.
This is one of the Lend-Lease guns we sent to Denmark during WW2.
It was sold through the CMP in the late 90's or early 2000's.
Gun still retains a original Smith Corona marked 43 dated khaki sling.
The stock is the Danish beech replacement.
The barrel is the famed VAR and the bore is fantastic.
Barrel is dated 6-57 and has the Danish crown on it twice.
Bolt and tigger pack are Springfield Armory.
The operating rod is Harrington Richardson.
Breda M1 Garand Gas Cylinder Lock.
Rear Sight Assembly is the improved T105.
Bolt, trigger pack and receiver are all correct WW2 parts with drawing numbers D282***.
Not sure if they are the original issue parts, but are correct period.
In the butt stock I found one of the cloth sleeves for a cleaning rod set, it will come with the gun.
One caveat, there is a flat spot on the outside of the muzzle.
I have highlighted it in the last picture, it is not on he inside of the crown.
These are getting harder and harder to find. This rifle is in over all great condition and would be right at home in any Garand collection.