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RCBS Model 10 Powder Scale

When you check out reloading, you first need to consider the amount of equipment you need to do it right. Some things are nice to have and other things are fundamental, like an accurate powder scale like this one. The powder scale is necessary to check all your other measurements like bullet weight and powder charge especially because a bit too much can be more than enough so you want to get that right down to the tenth of a grain for best consistency and safety.

Powder and bullets are measured using the apothecary scale with grains the unit of measure. A grain is 1/7000 of a pound, with 437.5 of them per US ounce. I don't know what the metric conversions are but they are included with the scale if you use the metric system. I don't.

Electronic digital scales are nice but overcomplicated for the casual user. This scale is a mechanical magnetically-damped balance beam scale with accuracy down to 1/10 grain that can be zeroed manually and weigh charges over the long term without wandering off the setting you set it at. These are similar to scales you probably used in Chemistry lab so it is familiar to most folks.

The Model 10 scale comes in a box and consists of four major parts: The base; the balance beam with knife edge pivot and magnetically damping; a bale to hang from the end of the beam; and, a pan for holding whatever you want to weigh.

Assembling the parts is self explanatory but consult the directions as necessary and once you have the scale assembled, place it on a solid level surface to zero it.

To zero, you make sure all the movable weights are on their zero marks then let the balance beam come to a stop. There is a pointer on the beam with a zero mark on the base to indicate when it is at zero. If it is not, you screw the adjuster leg in or out to make the marks line up. Remember to make sure the weights are still in their zero notches then let the beam stop swinging to take your reading. It really takes less time to do it

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