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Rambo X-Stand Tetris Climbing Stick XSCS207-12

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Product Details

The Tetris climbing sticks designed with traditional peg steps for an easier and safer climb. Fastens secure to the tree with easy-to-use cam buckles. Each strap end is looped to simply slide over the button post and pull tight, engaging the standoffs to dig into the tree for a secure climb to your stand.




  • Construction: Steel

  • Weight: 4 Lbs. each

  • Height: 32

  • Width: 11

  • Packable: Designed to pack with several compatible hang-on stands

  • Fasteners: 1-1 cam-buckle strap per section

  • Weight: CAPACITY: 300 Lbs

  • Tree Size: Minimum 9


SKU XSCS207-12


UPC 816153012582