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RamRodz Barrel Cleaner Swabs - 38200


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Product Details

RamRodz Barrel Cleaners are a line of gun cleaning swabs that eliminate the need for cotton patches. They provide wonderful cleaning performance without a lot of hassle or mess. Favored by professionals, each model of RamRodz Barrel Cleaners are designed to expand into rifling grooves and conform to the barrel walls, cleaning the maximum amount of surface area with each pass. The 8" bamboo handle easily bends without breaking and the tip is made of industrial-grade, low lint cotton. Disposable and biodegradable, RamRodz are available in five common gun calibers including .22, 38/9mm, .40, .45 and .50 caliber. All RamRodz models are able to clean barrels, receivers, slides, chambers, magazine housings, breeches and more.


Size: 38/9mm Cal

Type: Cleaning Swab

Length: 8"

Series: Swabs

Material: Cotton/Bamboo

Quantity: 200 Per Pack

Tip Feature: Low Lint

Bristle Type: Cotton

Eco-Friendly: Yes

Suitable For: Firearms


SKU 38200

UPC 852892005010