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Slip 2000 Gun Wipe

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Product Description

Cleaning and lubricating gun wipes: slip 2000 gun wipes are unique cleaning and lubricating wipes treated with slip 2000 Synthetic gun lube.

They are perfect for wiping your guns down after a day on the range or while out on a hunt.

Protection from corrosion: slip 2000 gun wipes provide a long-lasting barrier on all metal parts that protect against corrosion and that will not attract dust, dirt, or other abrasive contaminants.

No silicone and PTFE ingredients: slip 2000 gun wipes do not contain any silicone or PTFE (Teflon) ingredients. Therefore, they will not burn off like petroleum products and are safe to use on metal, wood, and plastic parts.

Reduce cleanup time by 50%: slip 2000 gun wipes do not allow carbon, Copper, lead, or plastic to stick and will reduce cleanup time by 50%!

Non-toxic and non-hazardous: slip 2000 products are non-toxic and non-hazardous. They are developed with your health and safety in mind!


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