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Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 CQB Semi-Auto Rifle .308 / 7.62 NATO

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Product description

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 CQB Semi Auto Rifle

M1A SOCOM 16 CQB Rifle Features and Specifications:

Length: 35.5"-38.5"

Front Sight: XS Post w/ Tritium Insert, /125 Blade Front

Barrel: 16.25"; 1:11" RH; 6-Groove Parkerized Carbon Steel

Weight: 9.2 Pounds

Rear Sight: Ghost Ring Aperture .135" w/ MOA Adjustment for both Windage and Elevation

Magazines Included: 1-10 Round

Stock: 5-position CQB with Adjustable Cheek Piece; M-Lok Rail System

SKU: AA9611

UPC: 706397904074

As a modernized descendant of the distinguished M14 and M1A rifles, the M1A SOCOM 16 CQB is designed for serious defensive uses, as its Close Quarters Battle name implies.At nearly 10 inches shorter than the standard M1A, the CQB offers quick and easy handling for defensive use - indoors or out. With the authoritative .308 chambering, and optional 20-round magazines, you won't be left wanting for more fight-stopping effectiveness.As a defensive rifle, the CQB is outfitted right out the box with features that can make all the difference when it counts. 

An adjustable buttstock, with 5-position length and 2-position adjustable cheek piece, is mounted on a standard AR-type commercial tube, so you can utilize any commercial style AR compatible stocks. The M-Lok rail mounting system allows you to mount any type of accessories that you find necessary. An XS front post sight with tritium insert works well with the aperture rear sight.Ships with a custom ballistic nylon tactical case.



Proving that sometimes less really is more, the M1A™ SOCOM 16 CQB Rifle in .308 Win. takes the M1A™ platform and shrinks it down to a remarkably compact and portable size. Sporting a short 16.25" barrel and shortened gas system, the SOCOM 16 CQB features a forward mounted “scout” mount rail for an optic.

16.25" BARREL

The 16.25" barrel of the Springfield Armory M1A™ SOCOM 16 Rifle features a 1:11" six-groove right-hand twist to maximize accuracy while minimizing bulk and weight.


The forward scout-style scope rail optimizes the unparalleled close quarters capabilities of the M1A™ SOCOM Rifle. (Not available on M1A Tanker)


The match-grade tuned two-stage trigger breaks like glass at between 5 and 6 lbs.


The radioactive Tritium front sight from XS Sights® keeps the M1A™ SOCOM 16 Rifle on target even in dim light.


The combat-proven rear sight on the M1A™ SOCOM 16 CQB Rifle easily adjusts for both windage and elevation with nothing more than a standard set of human fingers.


The muzzle brake on the Springfield Armory M1A™ SOCOM 16 offers exceptional performance with a minimal footprint.

Owner's Manual:

M1A™ SOCOM 16 Rifle Manual

Additional Info and Operations 


The only normal maintenance procedure requiring any disassembly pertains to gas system care [see figure 6]. After clearing the action, making sure the rifle is unloaded and safe, remove gas cylinder plug (29) using a Springfield Armory® combination tool or a 3/8” (6 point) socket wrench by turning it counter-clockwise and withdrawing it from the gas cylinder (23). Tilting the firearm muzzle down, remove the gas piston (27), clean with bore solvent and wipe dry. Clean the inside of the gas cylinder and wipe dry. Use a #15 aircraft length drill bit and a letter “P” standard drill bit to remove carbon from inside the piston and plug. Insert the piston into the gas cylinder with the flat side up toward barrel. Make sure the piston is completely below the threads in the gas cylinder before replacing plug. Re-assemble dry - apply a SMALL dab of grease to the threads on the plug. CAUTION: The gas piston was designed to operate dry.


The bore and chamber should be regularly cleaned using proper equipment . Modern barrels shoot better when clean . To properly clean the barrel you should remove powder fouling and copper fouling metal from the bore, clean the flash suppressor and clean various residue from the chamber . When cleaning the barrel, place the firearm upside down to prevent solvent, oil, etc . from entering the stock and the gas system . 


Bore solvent such as Shooters Choice® or Hoppe’s Bench Rest® (not regular) is recommended when cleaning your M1ATM bore . Place rifle with sights down and run wet patch through the bore . Let soak for 20 to 30 minutes then run dry patches through bore until patch comes out clean . Use bronze bore brush sparingly to help loosen particles . NOTE: Put solvent on brush - not brush in solvent! Clean brush thoroughly afterward with gun scrubber, lighter fluid, etc . Good solvent will attack the brush . NOTE: Notice some solvents can destroy barrel . Check with manufacturer for soaking time .


The chamber should be cleaned periodically with the chamber cleaning brush . The following

procedure is used with the rifle ASSEMBLED and the magazine removed and the safety on .

Screw the threaded end of the cleaning rod section into the ratchet base of the brush

Pull the operating rod handle rearward and engage the bolt lock to hold the bolt back. Apply a light coating of bore cleaner in the chamber. Insert brush into chamber .

Pull the operating rod handle rearward to release the bolt lock and slowly allow the bolt to move forward to push the brush into the chamber. Move the rod section up and down several times to scrub chamber interior. Lock the bolt to the rear. Grasp the brush handle next to the receiver and remove the brush from the chamber . Use a clean patch to wipe the chamber . Repeat with clean patches until patches come out clean. Do not oil chamber as the chamber is designed to operate dry.


Once a year, on oil-finished stocks, a light coat of tung oil or boiled linseed oil applied to the exterior wood surface is favorable but not necessary. After applying, immediately wipe wood dry with paper towel.


Consideration toward safety is paramount in storing your M1ATM . The firearm should be unloaded with the safety on . A very light film of high quality oil should coat the bore and all metal surfaces . Periodic inspection of your M1ATM should be performed, especially in environments where high or fluctuating temperatures and/or humidity is present . Use a firearm lock when the firearm is stored.


Springfield Armory® strongly suggests their muzzle protector, as a useful addition to M1ATM storage . This low cost cover not only keeps dirt, moisture and particulate matter from damaging the firearm bore, but also protects the front sight, bayonet lug and flash suppressor from “dings” and mild shock . A clean, dry area, secure from children’s curiosity, is ideal for safe storage of your M1ATM firearm. Always use a firearm lock when not in use. Be sure to remove before firing.


A rear sight protector, is available to protect the rear sight aperture and adjustment knobs and is recommended by Springfield Armory® .

Springfield Armory® offers a complete line of options and accessories to accommodate your M1ATM . Please refer to our general catalog and current price list . Write Springfield Armory, 420 West Main Street, Geneseo, IL 61254, call us toll free at 1-800-680-6866 or visit our website

www .springfieldarmory .com .


CAUTION: The sights are not zeroed at the factory . All sights should be “adjusted and sighted in” in order to shoot accurately . A standard sighting in procedure is set forth in the article by Duff and Miller enclosed with your firearm .

Note: “V” notch at rear edge of hooded aperture . When notch is turned from the “down” position to the up position, your zero will move up 1/2 minute . When the notch is turned to the “down” position, your zero will move down . Most shooters sight in with the notch down . The M1ATM standard rear sight does not have a hooded aperture .


Your National Match rear sight, (found only on National Match and Super Match rifles), has a 1/2 minute of angle elevation adjustment feature built into the hooded aperture eyepiece

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Barrel Length
Springfield Armory
.308 Win/7.62x51 Nato