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Homak Steel Gun Cabinet - Ammo Storage Locker holds up to 14 Rifles

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Safely secure handguns, firearms, ammo, accessories and other valuables.

This locking cabinet is constructed of steel with 1/4-inch steel rod heavy duty steel plate and full length piano hinge.

Includes 1 metal shelf for pistol storage or and a foam and barrel rest kit to prevent scratching or damage to firearm's barrel.

The included plastic barrel rest kit allows you to customize the cabinet to the needed size of you rifles and a padded foam base will protect the finish of your large rifles.

Homak is a leader in Security products for guns.

This cabinet has a fixed metal shelf for additional storage of ammunition, valuables, magazines, pistols, revolvers, handguns and accessories.

The secure firearm storage cabinet easily mounts to the wall with pre-drilled mounting holes and includes proper mounting hardware.

This allows you to safely store up to 14 rifles or longuns.

The Pry-Resistant Gun Cabinet will help keep your firearms safe and secure and only allow authorized access.

This secure firearms storage locker will mount to the wall with pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware included.

This could also be used for a bulk ammo storage locker.

Storage capacity: 10.69 cubic feet 14 rifles plus shelf

Interior measurements: 20 7/8-inch width, 14 7/8-inch depth, 54 7/8-inch height

Exterior Dimensions: WxDxH 21" x 16" x 55"

Weight: 64.5 Lbs


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