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Tuff1 Death Grip Pink

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DeathGrip Pink

n the world of aftermarket gun grip accessories, TUFF1 addresses the durability, fit and ease of installation of other gun grips available. Whether you want a grip accessory for a GlockTM, Sig SauerTM, AR-style rifle, or something more unique such as HK, AK, FN, etc, TUFF1 will perform and enhance weapon retention and "œfeel" that recreational shooters, military and law-enforcement personnel expect in a universal grip accessory in the field or on the street.TUFF1TM "“ The Only Universal Gun Grip with Durability, Performance & Function.
  • High performance - no tear and no slip.
  • Universal fit for all firearms with a pistol grip.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Low profile and extremely low weight.
  • Multiple colors and textures.
  • 100% made in the USA.

Sometimes called a grip sleeve, slip-on grip or "œglove", TUFF1 offers the user a fit second-to-none. TUFF1 conforms to each firearm's unique geometry without adding extra size that you don't want while providing the best grip available whether hot, cold, wet or dry.

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