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X-Stand Treestands X-TREME Cover Treestand Umbrella

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Product description

The X-treme Cover Tree Umbrella's unique and solid framework is guaranteed to keep you dry and withstand the elements when in your tree stand. The easy install is hassle free, and will have you covered and ready to hunt in no time. Printed in X-Stand's DZX 3D camouflage pattern wtih a natural blend of warm colors.


1. Screw holder into the tree at desired height

2. Pop up umbrella and slide into the holder

3. Wrap straps around the tree to secure in place with easy to adjust buckles

  • Get the ultimate coverage with our X-treme Cover Umbrella
  • Its unique design guaranteed to keep you dry!
  • 42" wide x 60" long "“ full coverage of your stand
  • DZX Camo Pattern
  • Xtremely easy to install -No tools required for set-up!
  • SKU: XATA600
  • UPC: 816153010267
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