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Ammunition type descriptions:

  • Jacketed Soft-point (JSP): This type of ammunition was designed to fill the niche between full-metal jacket and hollow point ammunition, the tip of the round is exposed lead with the rest being copper jacketed providing better expansion than a normal full-metal jacket, and providing better penetration than a hollow point. Balistically they perform very similar to a normal round, providing a similar accuracy and performance to a non-jacketed bullet. The design of the JSP round makes it ideal for states where hollow point rounds are restricted, and where the desired penetration is not found from hollow points. However, due to the in-between nature of the JSP when compared to hollow point or full-metal jacket makes it perform less than desirably than either of those rounds in their respective environs.

  • Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP): Jacketed Hollow-Point ammunition is designed to expand on impact with a target, causing it to expend more of its energy than if it went through the target. This has the effect of not passing through whatever you are shooting and hitting something behind it, as it will expend its energy faster than a traditional round or a full-metal jacket round. There is a trade off for this, a hollow point will not achieve the same penetration of either full-metal jacket rounds or jacketed soft-point rounds, and have trouble defeating barriers.

  • Full-Metal Jacket (FMJ): The full-metal jacket round consists of a soft-metal core, usually consisting of lead, encased in a metal jacket-such as gilding metal, cupronickel or a steel alloy. This jacketing will surround usually the front and sides of the bullet, leaving the back of the round uncovered lead. This round has a higher muzzle velocity than plain lead and leaves behind less fouling in the bore, creating an easier clean up after shooting