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What is the Definition of Ammo?

Ammunition is materials launched, dispersed, released, or ignited from weaponry or related systems. Ammo encompasses disposable ordnance like bombs, rockets, grenades, and mines. It also includes essential elements of other arms resulting in the desired impact on an objective, like rounds or missile heads.

The role of ammunition is to direct force towards a chosen point to produce an outcome (commonly fatal, but not always). A firearm cartridge exemplifies ammo; it embodies all the necessary elements to execute the weapon's intended effect in a unified form. Until the previous century, the prevalent propellant was black powder, which has since been predominantly substituted by contemporary mixtures.

Ammo varies extensively in dimension and kind, generally tailored for exclusive weapon systems. Some ammo types, such as 5.56×45mm NATO, follow global standards, allowing their deployment across civilian, law enforcement, and military agencies.

Specific ammo variants, like armor-busting rounds or illuminating shots, are crafted for unique effects under certain conditions. To facilitate identification and avert potential mishaps, ammo often bears distinctive labels or color codes.

What is green tip ammo?

Winchester's M855 5.56 NATO green tip round, a type of green tip ammo, is specifically engineered for penetration. Green tip cartridges can penetrate body armor and, in some cases, vehicle armor.

What is +P ammo?

+P ammunition is ammo that generates overpressure. Manufacturers produce +P ammo to achieve higher PSI than the standard pressure for the same cartridge.

An example of this would be .38 Special ammunition. A .38 Special +P round produces more muzzle velocity and energy in the same size cartridge.

What is full metal jacket ammo?

FMJ, or full metal jacket, is a bullet with a soft metal core inside a harder metal jacket. The outer jacket case completely encloses the inner core. A Jacketed Hollow Point differs from a FMJ bullet with a visible core in the middle.

FMJ rounds are most commonly found in handgun and rifle ammunition. Buy full metal jacket rounds for target practice and range days. Purchase JHP and similar cartridges for self defense and hunting.

What does ammo grain mean?

The grain of ammo refers to the weight of each bullet. A grain is a unit of measurement for classifying bullets. 9mm bullets are measured in grains with 115 grains, 124 grains, and 147 grains being the most common weights. Understanding grains is essentially to buying the right kind of ammunition for your needs.

How long does ammo last?

Today's ammo is meant to last over a decade if stored in the proper conditions. This means keeping cartridges in a dry storage environment with little humidity. There have been instances of ammo being fired 30-40 years after removal from storage.

Can I buy ammo online?

Yes, you do not need an FFL to buy ammo online. You can buy and ship cartridges directly from depending on the compliance of the state you live in. Check your local and state laws to confirm you can ship ammunition to your address. State specific armament taxes may apply at checkout during your ammunition purchase.